30 Funny And Awkward Pics Of Kids Posing With Superheroes And Popular Characters In The ’70s And ’80s


As we probed further, we also found out that Brian and his great friend Jason were running a podcast too!

“Oh sure, Pod Stallions is a collaboration between myself and my good friend Jason Lenzi.

When I started the blog, Jason was running a toy company called ‘Bif Bang Pow’ and he noticed we liked a lot of the same things. We started having these long phone conversations and even though he grew up far from me, it was like we had the same childhood and obsessions. We’d have been best friends in grade school.

Eventually, I think it may have been Jason who just said, ‘We should tape these calls and make it a podcast’ and that’s what the show is, two guys with waaaaaay too much pop culture info tucked in our brains having a long car ride. It rarely stays on topic and we love to talk about growing up a geek in the ’80s. We’ve really found a loyal and wonderful audience, the Pod Stallions Facebook group is my favorite place on the internet sometimes.”

Doing so many things makes one really productive for sure, so we wanted to know how Brian would describe what he does to other people.

“Without too much grandeur, I’d say I was a pop culture and toy journalist/historian I guess, although I don’t really mention it in mixed company often.

It started with me just amusing myself with a blog while my then-baby daughter took a nap, but it spiraled into a community and changed my life. I’m really glad I started it.”


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