30 Tweets By Dachshund Owners About How It Feels To Have Such Personalities As Pets


Sweet but ferocious. The internet is obsessed with dachshunds all of a sudden and it’s barktastic. These tiny wiener dogs are gorgeous, fun to look at, but… some owners suggested that they get aggressive if you even remotely threaten (i.e. get near) their loved ones. Or do anything else innocent to set them off.

It’s none other than comedian and author Sarah Cooper that we have to thank for the flood of information and hilarious anecdotes about sausage dogs. Her thread on Twitter went viral and people had a lot of fun sharing what it’s like to actually own a small yet fearsome doggo. Check out some of the most hilarious responses below and upvote the tweets that you liked the most.

More info: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | SarahCpr.com

Image credits: sarahcpr


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