35 Jokes That Programmers Will Definitely Relate To, As Shared In This Online Group


A big portion of the miscellaneous cake we call the Earth is sitting in front of their computer screens at this very moment. The pandemic life has made us all largely dependent on computers, electronics, and whatnot.

And while some of us are still sorting out how not to turn up as a cat for your next Zoom meeting, others are totally nailing their inner tech nerds with Starcraft benders.

So this seems like the perfect moment to introduce you to a comedy genre in its own right called Programmer Humor. In fact, there’s a whole powerhouse on Reddit dedicated entirely to that—”humor and jokes relating to programmers and programming.”

Sounds niche? Well, I wouldn’t be so sure. 1.4 million members are totally swearing by humorous puns, jokes, and memes that feature everything from coding, cookies, browsers, IT depts, CSS, Java, Python, and you name it.


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