40 Memes For Parents Who Can’t Take Their Kids Learning From Home Anymore


The thought that someone is having an even harder time dealing with quarantine is rather brutal, yet pretty soothing. I mean, we are all on the same boat, trying to survive the pandemic storm in the ocean where the horizon is visible, yet it somehow keeps getting away from us.

And parents with kids who’ve been distance learning on and off for the past… what feels like an eternity now, have really had enough. While the US districts are now weighing whether to reopen schools (and only 4 states have ordered reopening, so far), for many moms and dads, having their homes turned into schools is not going anywhere.

Luckily, the memes, aka the internet’s fave support system, about struggling and red-eyed parents in times of a historic disruption of education are in, and they’ll either make you feel better about yourself, or trigger your inner empath. In both scenarios, they should crack you up.


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