A Fan Wrote A Letter To Deadpool And Ryan Reynolds Shares His ‘Response’ After 5 Years


In a world where email is king, snail mail is still a thing, and people actually send written letters to other people, especially if it’s fan mail. And who doesn’t like getting fan mail, right!?

Well, after the launch of Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds received a letter from a fan who apparently was given an English class assignment to write a letter to someone they looked up to. Unbeknownst to the teacher, this kid decided to write Deadpool himself. And Ryan Reynolds replied.

Ever imagined writing Deadpool a letter? Well, this one kid did, and has finally now got a response

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So, Ryan Reynolds is in the news again as he shared a fan letter from 2016—right after the release of the first Deadpool movie. Turns out, Hunter, the fan who wrote Reynolds, had an assignment due for his English class: particularly, he had to write someone he looked up to a letter.

Hunter kicked off by complimenting Deadpool’s fantastic, “laugh my [butt off]” movie and wanted to say to keep up the good work. Mind you, he addressed this to Deadpool himself, not Ryan Reynolds, which is already a pretty cool touch!

Anywho, Hunter continued on to say that he is happy to share the same sense of humor with Deadpool, and that he was happy the producers didn’t tone it down for the movie. In fact, he wanted more of it.

Meet Hunter, a kid who apparently had an assignment to write someone he looks up to—so he wrote to Deadpool

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This letter was before the second movie was even in the works, so there were also hopes of Fox and Marvel making a second movie—and not just any movie, but a good one, “not a crappy second movie like most sequels are,” as noted Hunter. “You deserve to have one more movie for yourself.”

Hunter also took the chance to ask for an autograph from Deadpool, and also if he could share any advice on how to be a badass just like him.

He concluded the letter by thanking Deadpool for his time, and explaining why he’s writing at all—the guy looks up to Deadpool. I mean, if you had to send a letter to someone you look up to, you’d probably send it to someone in your family, maybe your friend, but sending a world-famous actor is a pretty unique way of spinning it.

Well, the actor who played Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, responded to him—sure, the letter never got sent, but he has now shared it on Instagram ant Twitter

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Well, Mr. Reynolds got the letter. And he actually responded to it in full. But, there was a slight problem—somehow it was never sent. The letter just got lost and Reynolds recently unearthed the letter. But instead of ignoring this, or trying to send it again, he did the next best thing and shared the whole interaction between the two on his social media.

Reynolds thanked Hunter for the kind letter, reassuring him that there are going to be many movies to come, joking that it’s good he got to do it his way—just imagine if Disney, the owner of Marvel, was to do it their way. Yep…

And as he was asked to give advice, advice he did give, saying that whatever Hunter decides to do, to stick to it. Focusing on one thing. For him, it’s acting, and he and acting go together like Tom Brady and New England: “together forever.” Yep…

Reynolds said that the letter still ‘holds’, though nobody is really sure if this actually happened, or if it is yet another good joke by Reynolds himself (with more people leaning towards the latter)

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And then there was the whole Vine thing. Yah, it was shut down later that year. No one is really sure if this letter is actually real and Reynolds is very bad at predicting the future or if it’s yet another pretty good joke from Ryan himself about how there’s gonna be a Deadpool movie every couple of years, and Ryan will keep to acting and not expand… and Vine… you get the point! Some seemed to believe it while others claimed it was a joke. And more people claimed it was a joke and Ryan was yet again trolling.

Regardless, this happened exactly 5 years after Deadpool was released, so it’s certainly a good way of celebrating the 5-year anniversary. Nearly a million people saw and liked it on Reynolds’ Instagram. It was also shared on Twitter where another 67,000 people liked it.

Here’s how people reacted to the letter

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What are your thoughts on this? If you wrote a fan letter to Ryan, what would you say? Let us know in the comment section below!


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