American Who Has Been Living In The UK For The Last 10 Years Shares Things That Are ‘Still Weird As Hell’ (26 Pics)


Welcome to the land of the weird and the beautiful—the ancient sceptred isles, where people drink their beer by the pints, celebrate mysterious Bank Holidays that occur several times a year, and toss their trash out the first time they see a bin. Bins are holy there and the chance to do so comes very rarely, if ever.

But according to Jessica Rose, an American who’s been living in great Blighty for the past few decades, the list doesn’t end there.

Recently, Jessica listed all the “weird as hell things” Brits do in a thread that amassed 64.8K likes and went viral with people praising how spot-on it is. Let’s get ready for the quaint and quirky ride in the land of Britons.

Image credits: F7wiki

Image credits: jesslynnrose


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