Swallows And Other 28 Bird Species Named By Ornithologists That Got Creative


Birds are perhaps one of the most fascinating topics of the animal kingdom. Sure, lions and tigers often look royal, and tiny rabbits are cute and adorable. But with birds, you don’t often know what you’re getting. There’s such a variety that it’s enough to send you spinning—water birds that spend most of their life floating, birds whose wings are purely decorative and they struggle to get off the ground; there are small ones with beautiful colors and giant birds that look like a sentient storm cloud. And then there are some that clearly took the brunt of the overflowing number of species, and that’s clearly reflected in their names.

Twitter user stu_bot3000 created a thread that went viral featuring birds that seemingly were named by people who dislike them, as poor ornithologists likely ran out of majestic-sounding names and had to settle (but at least now we know that the “birb” memes certainly have enough foundation). With 73.4K views and 19K retweets, the discussion on the names of winged creatures took off running. 


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