‘Weird History’ Is An Account That Shares Interesting, Odd, And Funny Things That Happened And Here’s 50 Of Their Best Posts (New Pics)


Ah, history—my first true love, right next to fantasy fiction. There really is nothing like opening up an expertly written, emotionally-riveting history book on a rainy evening with the flames merrily crackling in the fireplace and the wind howling outside your windows.

Right among the top history lovers on Planet Earth lies Andrew Rader, a polymath who’s as skilled as his interests are varied. Andrew is the man and the legend behind the incredibly successful Weird History Twitter page that’s chock full of fascinating, intriguing, and even hilarious, well you guessed it, facts about history. It’s enough to make a history buff like me squeal with joy.

Go brew yourself a mug of tea or a cup of coffee, scroll on, and upvote your fave bizarre facts about history! When you’re done, you’ll find our delightful post about the Weird History page that the Bored Panda team put together previously right over here.

More info: Twitter (Weird History) | Twitter (Andrew) | Instagram | Facebook | Andrew-Rader.com


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