Matru devo bhava – revere your mother as God. You must revere your mother, who has brought you up with love, care and sacrifice. –
Sri Sri Satya Sai Baba

Have a wonderful day dear!! How are you, have you taken dinner these are the few words we hear nearly when we leave home, or ring up at home. Words are taken granted and the person behind it also. MOTHER is a woman who makes effort everyday to ensure and make our day go right and make us feel special in every twists and turns, but we never told she is special too.

Happy Mother’s Day

So well, let plan super duper ideas for the very special person to make her feel more special on Mother’s Day –

  1. Shopping bonanza
    Surely wanna enjoy the shopping, which is never being an old idea for a women to surprise.
  2. Foodholic
    For a food lover, went for lunch or dinner, and have a nonstop food-a-day with well known food joints across the city. And to beat the hit, by sitting in ice-cream parlour buying her ice-cream of her favourite flavour, rewind back her old memories too.
  3. Movie freak
    If she is a movie freak, plan out for a movie of her favourite or recent releases. Nevertheless, if home theatre is available, bring in a good lot of her favourite movies and set an ambience of popcorn and cold-drinks to give her a theatre experience at home.
  4. Booklover
    Arrange an early visit for her favourite bookstore where prepaid arrangements are made, and allow her to buy all she would to read.
  5. Morning breakfast
    Good morning call with cup of tea, fresh flowers and sink her in good music mood, is a way to start her own day.
  6. Family Get-together
    Grandmothers and mothers are the ones who endlessly love to the end of their lives to please their children. Arrange a family get-together to make a great memory with her.
  7. Helping her
    They are the easiest ones to please, sometimes helping her in household chores makes her happy too.
    Last but not the least, never forget to thank her for all the ones you have. So get moving and let her know that she is damn special, gift to cherish and bestowed all by God.

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So, above are the few ideas one can try-off to make her day splendid. Because they are wonder women with wonderful ability to read your mind. And a super power to manage all the chores in the family without any delay. So, in brief a wonderful woman. She is not just a women but an epitome of sacrifice, patience and never ending love. So love her and respect her along with celebrate the day of “MOTHERS”. And ending note by George cooper states –

Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn,
Hundreds of bees in purple clover,
Hundreds of butterflies in the lawn,
But only one mother the wide world over.

Aditee Ghose

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