35 Funny Pick-Up Lines To Make Your Crush Smile

Hilarious funny Pick-Up Lines to Make Your Crush Smile

Nothing is more pleasant than seeing your crush smile. Individuals with a good sense of humour can attract more people than others. We have collected some of the funny pick-up lines to make your crush smile. These cute pickup lines can attract your crush and get interested in you right from the start. A hilarious … Read more

46 Hilarious Punjabi Thing Tweets that Will Make Laugh out Loud


Punjabi people are such an amazing people. Punjabi’s love to party hard. Meeting a Punjabi you will realise how loud they are, loving and full of life, they personify fun. They know the art of living and loving, and if you happen to know even one of them, you’d know what khul ke jeena actually … Read more

48 Jokes And Memes About Texas Dealing With Snow And Low Temperatures

48 Jokes And Memes About Texas Dealing With Snow And Low Temperatures

[ad_1] Over the long weekend, Texas and other places in the US have had a random spell of extremely cold weather. As you can imagine, for a region that doesn’t see snow at all, up to eight inches of it is somewhat of an anomaly. And it did cause a great deal of disturbances, with … Read more

50 Times The Universe Said “No” To People

50 Times The Universe Said “No” To People

[ad_1] When all the tiny, invisible angels that are supposed to be sitting on your shoulder flee and karma is put on hold, and you roll the dice and get 0, and… Guys, we are all, at some point in our lives, one bunch of very unlucky people. To find out what luck even means, … Read more

50 Funny Memes People Working In An Office Will Relate To

50 Funny Memes People Working In An Office Will Relate To

[ad_1] [Old video cassette recording comes to life, showing a modern office interior and smiling employees.] Ah, office life. It’s peaceful. It’s pure bliss. And it’s so amazing that — [laughs out loud] I’m sorry, I tried to get through this without laughing, but I just couldn’t! Office life is a hoot and so full … Read more

Mirzapur Memes and Jokes Ruling Social Media – #Mirzapurmemes

mirzapur-meme jokes funny dialogue

After the grand success of India’s first Netflix web-series, Sacred Games, starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan, and Radhika Apte. Now the talk of the town is Amazon Prime’s original gangster drama Mirzapur starting with Pankaj Tripathi(aka Kaleen Bhai), Ali Fazal(Guddu Pandit), Vikrant Massey(Bablu Pandit), Divyendu Sharma(Munna Tripathi), Shweta Tripathi(Gajgamini Gupta a.k.a. Golu Gupta) and … Read more

Netflix ‘Sacred Games 2’ hilarious Memes Over Social Media

Sacred Games Season 2 accouncement netflix

Netflix series popular web series “Sacred Games 2” premiered on 15th August, it drives netizens to share sacred games 2 reviews with divided reactions on social media. People are comparing both the Sacred games season with Hilarious memes on social media. Sacred Games, the original Netflix web series gain its popularity with the release of … Read more

War Teaser Release: Twitterati Funny Reaction Are Hilarious

war hritik and tiger

Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff and Vaani Kapoor starer most awaited movie War Teaser is out. After the Teaser release the War movie it became the talk of the town. Twitter is flooded with the reaction about the War teaser. Some People are appreciating and some people contesting memes With Super 30. The movie is directed … Read more

JCB Memes: Top Trending #JCBKiKhudai Memes Need Check Right Now

JCBKiKhudayi memes and reason of getting viral on social media

Why is #JCBKiKhudai trending on Social Media If your social media is flooded with the picture of the yellow machine with the helarious funny line with hashtag #JCBKiKhudai.Are you struggling to know the reason why #JCBKiKhudai is trending on social media? Guruontime shares the answer to your #JCBKiKhudai query. The Reason why #jcbkikhudayi start trending … Read more