5 Interesting Places To Visit Around Bhubaneswar

places to visit around bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar is the largest city and capital of the state of Odisha (and also known as Orissa) located in the Khordha district. Bhubaneswar is a unique and beautiful place to visit over 500 temples. It is also known as the “Temple city of India”. The German Architecture designed the famous temples in Bhubaneswar. It is … Read more

7 Most Luxurious Resorts in Kerala

Kerala cultural affair at Iringal Crafts Village

1. The Leela, Kovalam Kerala—the green paradise of God, with a balanced environment, rich flora and fauna, quiet backwaters, and golden beaches, has wooden tourists. The lush greenery and attractions of the world are waves of visitors from around the world, such as rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments, lucrative local cuisine. No wonder that a large inflow … Read more

Best Festivals and Things to do in Ladakh Trip for 2022

Festivals and Things to do in Ladakh

Planning a Trip To Ladakh can be both exciting and challenging. A slew of new questions enters the mind. So, if you’re visiting Ladakh for the first time, partake in these engaging activities and learn about the region’s culture and traditions. Interesting Interactions at the Hemis Festival Hemis National Park – Sightings of Snow Leopard … Read more

Things to do in Delhi


Delhi is a massive metropolitan area and the capital of India. It is a union territoy in the country’s north. In Old Delhi, a neighborhood dating to the 1600s, stands the sprawling Jama Masjid mosque whose courtyard accommodates 25,000 people and imposing Mughal-era Red Fort, a symbol of India. Nearby is the one of the … Read more

#BackToKolkata: सुनहरी यादों का सफ़र

आज बहुत दिन बाद वापिस कोलकाता आना हुआ. जब पहली बार यहाँ आया तो मेरे जैसे नोर्थ इंडीयन के लिए ये एकदम अलग ग्रह पर आने जैसा था. यहाँ के लोगों, रास्तों और संस्कृति का बिल्कुल भी अंदाज़ा नहीं था. पर आज यहाँ के रास्ते और लोग मुझे नोस्टलजिया शब्द का अर्थ महसूस करा रहे … Read more

Long weekends to Plan Your Holidays in India [Updated]


Travel lover always search for long weekends to live their dreams and plan for a mini vacation. The long weekend holiday gives them the opportunity to explore adventure via trips.  Now we have entered in 2020 after amazing Christmas and New Year celebrations. The calendar for long weekends 2020 is finally out. This year is … Read more

Jodhpur in Top Emerging Tourist Destinations of the World

Emerging Tourist Destinations of the World

In India, Agra used to be the first choice of foreign tourists, but now this tourist place is fadding in terms of travel attraction. According to a leading travel website survey many places are emerging as a best tourist destinations in the world. In India, Jodhpur in Rajasthan is one the emerging tourist destinations. Many … Read more