PHP vs Python: Which Is Best for Your Web Application Development

PHP vs Python

When you want to develop an app, you need to decide which platform you want to develop your app, features you want to include in it, and obviously the language you want to develop your app in. From this, deciding on a language can be tricky. Because it can affect the app’s performance adversely. And … Read more

How International Students Can Get Free Education in Germany?


Many international students choose to study in Germany because of the quality and affordability of German universities. With tuition fees similar to those in North America, you may be wondering how students can afford their education. Fortunately, there are many ways for students to get a free university education in Germany: – Federal scholarship programs; … Read more

Top 10 German Medical Universities for Indian Students to Study MBBS at Low Cost

German Medical Universities for Indian Students

With the Indian economy growing at an unprecedented rate, more and more students seek higher education in foreign universities to reap the benefits of knowledge worldwide. However, many Indian students do not have access to funds for studying abroad; hence they must be creative enough to get their dream degree without having a hefty student … Read more

Self-study or Training Class, Which Is the Best Way to Learn PMP Certification?

Learn PMP Certification

One question confuses many people is that after signing up for the PMP certification exam, they should take self-study or institutional training? I summarize the advantages and disadvantages respectively and share my experience with you. 1. Pros and Cons of Self-study The advantage, obviously, saves money. Apart from PMP exam cost around USD607, you may … Read more

List of European Capitals

List of European Capitals

European countries are considered one of the best places to live in the entire world. The great lifestyle with excellent hygiene and literacy rate attracts a lot of people. There are 44 different nations in Europe and each of them has its unique attractions. London, Amsterdam, Paris, Vienna, and Copenhagen are some of the most … Read more

List of World Capitals by Countries

List of World Capitals by Countries

There are 195 countries on this globe, and they have innumerable cities. No matter which country it is, there will be one city which is considered as the capital city of the nation. Most of the people only know the name of the capital cities of different countries, but their significance is still unknown to … Read more

List of Countries in Europe

Countries in Europe

Any water body which is surrounded by the water from all directions. However, Europe is not like any other continent surrounded by water. Europe shares its border with Asia where there is no water. The water bodies surrounding Europe are the Arctic Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea. Europe is surely a big … Read more