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The GuruonTime is an Personal blog. We publish intelligent, thought-provoking and well-written original articles. We are looking for writers to propose up-to-date and trending content, mainly focused on Travel, Technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, health, lifestyle, Education and more

To become a writer, please send your article here: guruontime@gmail.com. We will publish your post on a specific metioned date, please let us know before submission.

What Type of Articles do we Accept?

We accepts the article for all the category available on the website such as Latest Technology, Current Updates, News, lifestyle, Education, Technology related information and more.

Article Guidelines:

Provide a title of the Article/blog
Length of the Article/Blog: 500-800 words


Max 2 outbound sponsor-related links
1 or 2 additional can be for authoritative sites

SEO Guidelines for Article/Blog

  • Plagraism Free Content
  • Good and Engaging content
  • Organized with multiple sub-headings/paragraphs and list
  • Tabular data are welcome
  • Transition word or phrase between sentences
  • Avoid passive voice sentences
  • Have an article Keyword in mind
  • No Keyword Stuffing for the article
  • Keyword should be a word or phrase used in the first paragraph.
  • It should be used 3 or more times throughout the article.
  • It should NOT be used as the anchor text of an article link.
  • Embedded images and videos are welcome.

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