5 Amazing Road Trips in India

Road trips are really amazing when we truly love nature and in India, there are many places where we can find the best roads when we are on a vacation. This might include either by bus, car, bike and we enjoy the most when we are going by bike. Sometimes the roads are very sloppy during the rainy seasons and there are dangerous roads too. Many parts of India has the best roads which are really amazing to travel on those roads. The most important thing to care about when you are taking a car or bike you should get sleep properly before driving. Take a necessary thing like water, something eatables, etc.

Here Are The Few Routes Which Are Really Stunning For Road Trips

1. Mumbai to Pune Express Highway

Mumbai to Pune Express Highway
Mumbai to Pune Road Trip

The express highway is 93 km long and considered as one of the best road trips in India and the hours of the journey is 2. It is a very beautiful weekend spot for everyone who loves the charming surrounding of mountains, soft breezes and the bite of juicy chikki fruit which is a local favorite. The express highway leads up to Lonavala which is 93 km long. You can also get eatable staff when you are on way.

2. Pondicherry From Chennai

Pondicherry from Chennai
Pondicherry from Chennai Road Trip

This is one of the unique stretches that is followed by sea alongside the long winding road which leads to the beautiful city Pondicherry. The Town Pondicherry is also called as Paris of the East. This is one of the most memorable and beautiful road trips in India. The distance of the road is 160 km and also passes through Mahabalipuram which is the UNESCO World Heritage site and also covers other sites too. The journey from Chennai to Pondicherry takes 3 hours which covers the distance of 160 km.

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3. Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley
Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley Road Trip

The road trip for this particular area is really nice and one must love the beauty of the road. The distance is to covered is 114 km which is 3 hours of journey. The union city of Visakhapatnam never fails to get the attention of its guests and the Araku valley that is led up to by curving roads carved in between majestic hills. The fresh flora air which gives an amazing experience to the visitors. The place is dotted with interesting sights such as the Borra caves and tatipudi reservoir which is on the way.

4. Bangalore to Ooty

Bangalore to Ooty
Bangalore to Ooty Road Trip

This is one of the road trips which goes via a forest path and the route from Bangalore to Ooty. The forest is called Bandipur national park which is the most beautiful. This is also one of the famous national parks you can watch when you are traveling to Bangalore via Mysore to Ooty. You can also visit the historic place Mysore on the way. Sometimes you can also find animals crossing the road when you are traveling. The road is 235 km long in total and takes about 5 hours of a drive which simply amazing.

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5. Chennai to Munnar

Chennai to Munnar
Chennai to Munnar Road Trip

The long road trip will definitely refresh your mind when you stay at the peaceful hill station Munnar. The distance from Chennai to Munnar is 10 hours journey which covers a distance of 600 km. The streets of the streets are verdant greenery that lines the canopy on your uphill drive.

These are the few road trip destination which you might enjoy.

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