5 Health Benefits of Cloves

Cloves (लौंग) is an Indian spices used to maximize the food’s flavour and nutrition. In our daily life, the adaptation of the urban lifestyle leads to health-related issues. However, some health issues are not major but they create too many problems. Every minor problem does not need medication. However, home remedies work amazing on to cure these health issues. Indian spices increase the taste and aroma of the food but have lots of benefits for health. One such Indian spices are Cloves (लौंग) with lots of pharmacological properties. Cloves are used in the form of spices as well as in rituals. So GuruonTime shares the healthy benefits of cloves.

clove oil
Benefits of Clove Oil

Clove (लौंग) Health Benefits and Home Remedies

1: Benefits of Clove (लौंग): In gas and Constipation

Adaptation of unhealthy eating habits we often face the problem of Gas in our daily life. Taking medicine daily for a problem might be harmful to health. So you should move to the home remedies. Cloves oil is the most beneficial home remedies to get get rid of gas and constipation. In the morning, drink 1 glass of water with a few drops of clove oil in empty stomach provides plenty of relief.

2. Benefits of Clove for Cold and Cough

In the changing season, we face the problem of cold and cough. Clove (लौंग) is very beneficial in curing a cold and cough. Put a clove in your mouth, it will give you relief from cold and also helps in getting rid of throat pain.

3. Benefits of Clove to Remove Teeth pain:

Sometimes we feel sensitivity in our tooth and also feel pain. With clove, you can remove the pain of mouth and the pain of the teeth forever. Eat clove regularly for 40 to 45 days in the morning to get relief from tooth pain permanently.

4. Benefits of Clove: Remove Facial scars

Clove helps in enhancing your beauty. Cloves are very beneficial for people with stains or dark circles on their faces. Mix cloves powder with any face pack or gram flour. Take precaution, do not apply clove power directly on the face as it may cause irritation.

5. Benefits of Clove: Prevent Hair Fall

Clove also helps people complaining about hair fall and hair loss. Boil clove with water and then wash your hair with that water. This will make your hair shine and the hair will become stronger.

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