7 Worst Habits that Need to be Broken Down in Everyday Life

Yes!! You heard right breaking down bad habits, no I am not talking about smoking, drinking or overspending or marketing spree. But some negative behavior that needs to break off before it becomes one’s daily habit. We know, habits are harsh and too hard to make and much harder to lose. But believe me, some worst habits should be cut off from ones daily life that will not slow you down or stress you but will pay off a lot to work more productively.

So, after all, what is a habit? It is nothing but a behavior you do daily and unknowingly and subconsciously. Habits are such attributes that are not easy to learn nor easy to break off.

Broken Down worst habbit in Everyday Life

7 most dominating bad habits that we have one or the either.

1. Over-thinking: Stop! Stop!! Stop!!!

Stop thinking, so much. God have created such alma mater (i.e Human Brain) 3 pounds enough to function. Don’t burden it by waste stuff. Don’t make it messy by thinking a lot. Keep it simple and keep aside for the “almighty”. Because. “Whatever happens, happens for a reason”. That we human beings call it FAITH & TRUST in five words.

2. Over-attachment: Focus on yourself

That doesn’t mean going away from everyone, create boredom and sit in a corner alone. The word focuses only on loving yourself, rather expecting to have or to receive from anybody. As I have mentioned earlier in the blog about Self Love: The Another Way of Divine Love

3. Cheating yourself: No one dares to face, and that maybe u yourself also

Accept the truth about yourself, before someone points you. Because it feels somehow indifferent when people point out your pitfalls. So, before people do so, you yourself should be bold enough to say, yes I do and I know it well. Just believe the truth that you behold. Because, “Being indifferent, it is also the beauty within itself, and believe no one can be like you either”.

4. Procrastination: delaying works

A major habit of every human being. Working before deadlines are never ones good habit. Until unless deadlines knock your door, no one ever does. So “Plan, Re-read, Focus and Remembrance” key points to fasten your work before reaches its end dates.

5. Finding excuses

Stop giving excuses for oneself and either, or for others. Because it’s a kind of habit that always creates misunderstandings and always creates problems in the workplace and your living space too. On the other side, try to face the problems and find alternatives to cope up. Because that’s only the best way you challenge yourself without underestimating self.

6. Poor fitness habits

Never, neglect your health. Because “health is wealth”. Everything depends on the body you have. So keeping it well balanced and nourished is the foremost choice, one should have.

7. Wastage of 24hrs

Yes!! Wastage of 24 hrs covers all the social media surfing, gossiping stupid stuff rather have a social gathering, social welfare and to engage itself in the betterment of oneself. Researchers, too believe using too much multimedia appliances effects one brain, eyes and all total effects health too.

So, the first step is to find out which habit exhibits in one life, and try to makeover it. I believe these unknowingly first steps you have taken while you are going through this post. Once, you are ready to accept the change and want the change to happen then no one either could stop you from that worst habit to wash away and replace with good ones.

No worries!! Habits are just the daily stuff you do, on an everyday basis, only you have to clutter the worst and have the inflow of good habits to fix in your life.

Live lifeless out of bad habits more out of intent and good ones……

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