8 Amazing Engagement Gift Ideas For 2019

An engagement is a wonderful period of time in a couple’s life. The decision to spend the rest of their lives together is a time of celebration for the couple, for their friends and for their family. Any type of celebration is not complete without gifts, parties and a celebratory event. Usually, friends and family attend an engagement party and also give lovely gifts to the couple to celebrate this milestone in their lives. The following are some of the engagement gift ideas perfect for 2019:

Amazing Engagement Gift Ideas

1. Vacation

One of the best engagement gifts for couples is a vacation. Depending on the budget, many times friends and family pool money together and give the couple a nice romantic vacation to celebrate their engagement. Moreover, you can use Yatra Coupon Code to get the exciting offers on hotel booking or flight booking at affordable prices. The romantic vacation is usually at a beautiful location where the couple can spend time with each other and get to know each other before the wedding. Sometimes this vacation is also used by couples as a honeymoon after their marriage. A few times a family getaway is also gifted to couples to help them get to know each other’s families.

2. Gift Basket or Box

A collection of different gifts in a gift box or a gift basket is a lovely present to couples celebrating their engagement. A gift basket can include perfumes, wine bottles, “his and her” mugs, bath salts, spa products, and even food items. Chocolates, cookies, cheese, granola, and fruits are all included in gift baskets that are perfect for couples celebrating their vacation. These gift baskets can be made at home by collecting small gifts that the couples may like or simply buying a gift basket online.

Engagement Ring

3. Cookware and Dinner Sets

Usually, a couple starting their life together after an engagement has to set up a home. One of the best gifting ideas for an engaged couple is to buy kitchen utensils, kitchen appliances, and even dinner sets for the couple. These are very useful gifts and buying such gifts for engaged couples who need all these gifts to set up their home is a great choice. Gifting the couple cute glasses, plates, tea sets, and even “his and hers” aprons, and other beautiful items for the kitchen and dining table is a smart option.

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4. Electronic Gifts

In 2019, one of the most popular categories of gifts for any type of happy event is electronics. Buying electronic gadgets for the couple is a great option and a top choice for engagement gifts. Tablets, mobiles, cameras, and the latest gadgets will be very much appreciated by couples as these gadgets are very useful in today’s fast-paced life. The latest gadgets with the latest technology are a great choice. Cameras like GoPro are perfect as this is a time in the couple’s lives when they want to capture these images of this beautiful time in their lives.

5. Engagement Party

Many times family and friends throw an engagement party for couples to celebrate their engagement. Family and friends can decide on the different aspects of the party that they can individually gift the couple. Some friends can take care of the venue, while others can handle the decorations at the party. Hiring a photographer and deciding on a photo album can be handled by a few while others can take care of the food and drinks aspect of the party. Hiring a DJ or a band for the party is another gift that can be handled by some family and friends for a couple celebrating their engagement.

Engagement Party

6. Wedding Planner

As an engagement gift, friends and family can also hire a wedding planner for the couple. This is an amazing gift idea because planning a wedding is a very difficult process and getting professional help for free is a very useful gift for a couple planning their wedding. Wedding planners also help the couple to stick to the budget and also plan a beautiful wedding within the budget.

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7. Home Décor Items

As mentioned above, newly married couples usually have to build a new home. So home décor and household items are a great gift for couples and you can easily get new collection of home décor items using Home Town Coupons offers. Different types of home décor items include furnishing items, showpieces, bed sets, curtains, “his and hers” bathrobes, and many small household appliances and items. Household items are a perfect gift for newly engaged couples. Home décor items also include gift cards that the friends and family can give a couple for a top home décor store so that they can choose their own home décor items.

8. Games

Board games, ping pong sets, different types of card games and many types of games that a couple can play with each other are a great gift for young couples. PlayStation Consoles, Xbox Consoles and other types of video games are also very popular with young couples celebrating their engagement.

The above-mentioned gifts are amazing gifting ideas for a couple celebrating their engagement as they are useful and fun gifts which the couples will appreciate from their friends and family.

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