8 Quick Boredom Tricks

Eating out in boredom is the serious issues in the today’s world. Doctors and psychologist call it, as a clinical depression symptoms and a indicator of underlying disease. From children to old all of us are the victims of mental health disorder, where one of the issues mostly disregards by the people. Low stimuli and self dissatisfaction are reasons causing the disorder more prone and crucial from day to day. Sometimes our will towards our work creates own boredom. So, to keep oneself motivated and boost-up for day-to-day, as no one will help you until and unless you help yourself so, we humans need to follow up some of the Tricks which can help-out to cut out boredom.

1.Take a walk
Walking in daily basis is the best way to keep your body and mind fit and strengthen our inner bones and muscles. Certainly there are number of benefits of walking which are preceding given by health guidelines. And they are:
– Cardio improvement
– Losing kilos
– Lowers blood pressure
– Strengthen bones and muscles
– Improves immune functioning
– Reduce stress and hereby uplifts mood

2. Drink Water or Tea/ Coffee not for thirsty but sometimes boost up the mood as well
Caffeine content elevates the mood and adds up to the cheerfulness of mind, increases alertness and counter depression. The strains and sprains of muscles sometimes vanished out of sipping out the drink, and gives a kick start from lethargic state of mind.

3. Watch a comedy
Comedy leads to laughing and happy go moment, which is being a rare found emicon in everyday’ s busy life. As it stimulates brain a lot, reduces blood pressure as well and boost immune system and relieves pain too.
I t acts like energizing tonic in workplace as well in life. Keep smiling, it don’t need to pay tax dear!!

4. Re-organize Something ( like rooms, laptop junks or a plenty of songs in jumbled playlist)
Clutter things which are not important as it is a way towards attracting good vibes in life. When one is organised in its way, then the things move in the exact best way. And sometimes organizing leads to a very productive wellbeing. Follow blogpost TRICKS THAT MAKE YOU PRODUCTIVE.

5. Shower or bathe, its relaxing and soothes body and mind
For detoxification and soothing a mind bathe or shower with hot and cold water is important. Good bath gives good sleep and rejuvenates mind . Aromatherapy is one among them to lower and dump up body heat

6. Talk to a friend OR Phone-a-friend
Sometimes talking to a friend heals your loneliness.

7. Walk around the shopping
Don’t be shopaholic and reach out to the stores for buying stuffs because you are bored. Sometimes reaching out to the market for shopping but just window shop as well and update for newly things.

8. Mediate
Not the last but the best remedy of all, meditation is the age old belief of worlds culture. It is the treatment of all mental illness. Breathe in and out with a complete attention of body mass is the only balanced form of all. As of from Buddhist philosophy it is said, that the ultimate benefit of meditation is liberation of the mind from attachment to things it cannot control, such as external circumstances or strong internal emotions.
So, these are few jotted down Tricks and tips for a happy go life and kick start of boredom to living a happy and joyous life, without wasting precious time. Because it’s your life, and you are the architect of your own portfolio. So the choice lies in the hands of beholder, as whenever mind wanders or feels bored and eating out in loneliness then return & focus in the points above and back to practice. I assure you will never find yourself in the state of boredom.


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