All That You Need To Know About Studying Abroad

Why do so many students and professionals’ dream of studying abroad?

The state of the art infrastructure, student-faculty ratio, small class size, research opportunities, flexible curriculum, wide range of electives to choose from, international exposure, diverse peer group etc. are just a few factors that motivate and lure Indian students to study in a foreign country.

However, one must remember that a lot of time, energy and effort is required to be put in to make an application successful. In the process you will encounter a lot of queries; we have attempted to address a few if not all in this article.


Which university should you be applying to and for which program?

The answer to this is obvious. The program you choose should be in sync with what you have done in the past; it should be a progression of the academic degree you have attained already. A drastic change in the field in most cases is not viewed by universities positively. Do not apply for a program if you do not possess the right background and skills for it. The university you select should be based on certain criteria’s – location preference of the student, ranking of the university, curriculum, specializations offered, faculty portfolio, research opportunities, job opportunities etc. Typically, it is advisable to apply to not more than 6-7 universities; this helps you keep your focus intact and avoid unnecessary confusion.

Which entrance tests to appear for?

GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS are all the various tests that are acceptable by foreign universities. For most Management/Business programs GMAT is perfect. For Technical/Engineering related programs GRE is mandatory. SAT is for undergraduate programs. While TOEFL/IELTS are English Language tests required for all programs whether undergraduate or Masters.

When to apply?

Most universities have two intakes: Fall and Spring. International students should typically target the Fall intake. If you wish to apply for Fall 2020 then you must begin the work on your applications now since your application deadlines will fall between September to December 2019. Remember most universities will have 3 rounds of deadlines; as for international applicants, it is always advisable to apply in the first 2 rounds. The deadlines for all universities vary and it is important to apply by the deadline stated. If you miss the deadline all the efforts you put in to create that perfect application goes down the drain. Your application, in that case, will be considered for the next upcoming deadline. 

Need To Know About Studying Abroad

What documents will you require for applications?

This is by far the most tedious stage in the application cycle. You are required to be prompt and organized. Time management is of utmost importance. In your application packet, you are required to assemble – Essays/Statement of Purpose, Recommendations, Transcripts etc. You are also required to send your test scores to the university directly from the testing agency. Essays and Recommendations require that you put in a lot of thought, cull out experiences and achievements from the past and decide how you want to project them. Some schools have 2 or 3 essays while others may have multiple. How you project your skill sets and strengths and convey your determination to pursue and benefit the program is what decides your fate.

If you have been through this process before you know what we are exactly talking about. However, if you are new to this and are not sure of what you are getting into there is nothing to worry. Leverage Edu is equipped to handle all the queries you may have, even the most trivial ones. Start applying now! We wish you all the success in your future endeavours.

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