Checklist of Happiness – Tips For How to be Happy

Happiness is a word full of good vibes and positive notes in it. It can be pursued by various means, but actually attaining the state of happiness in today’s life is somewhat different. The meaning always remains controversial, like for a kid happiness is getting chocolates and goodies, for a girl or boy buying things that they wanted eagerly is happiness and for the olds happiness is having a  different sense of meaning. Perhaps it is not materialistic nor a thing that can be bought easily in the modern digital world, but the attainment of “contentment & bliss” . Once I mentioned in one of my blogs about the art of happiness, and some simpler ways of mindfulness of happiness. But this upcoming write-up is an additional piece of tips for how to be happiness with a dozen tips or a checklist for happiness. 

Happiness is not something readymade, it comes from your own actions

– Dalai Lama

Checklist for Happiness

1. Remembering your life purpose

Always remind oneself about the purpose of life. If you train your mind, and often remember your purpose then attaining that state is easier. And once you attain your life purpose then happiness automatically comes.

2. Clearing priorities of life accordingly

I always mention clutter your things accordingly, and again I will mention cluttering priorities will not only make easier to achieve your goals but with no confusion you can complete your work at dedicated time too.

3. Engaged in exercise

Feed your body with some physical activity, no matter what but if you do, then your body muscles relax accordingly and you became healthy physically and mentally. And a sound body and mind is a perfect spice of happy life.

Happiness Quotes

4. Eat healthy

Today’s life junkies took the place of good healthy food. But keeping in mind, junkies can effect your body system as well. So always add some good healthy diet in your brunch, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Good food equals to healthy life.

5. Practicing meditation/relaxation

Healthy and peaceful mind always brings good positive attitude towards oneself. It calms and soothes mind and soul both.

6. Confidence of a good day and non- acceptance of unhealthy wishes

Always hope for good and nice day. Never make your bad things hover around your mind.True is that, this world believes in unhealthy wishes and vibes everywhere, but always find the good ones from between. And be confident towards the good day.

7. Grateful to people who helped

“Gratitude” a word people ever ignore, but eventually the most important aspect in everyone’s life. A simple thank you or a sorry will not cost a penny or will not make you janitor or begger. But sometimes those words are the valuable notations you use. Not for you but for the person in either side, for them it may means a lot. Either times some relations get amend due to the paying gratitude. And yes!! ever forget the people who once helped you in your lows. The gratitude you pay to them is always a blessing in disguise you receive from them.

8. Determined for life goals and strength

Perseverance and determination are the two keywords for the achieving life goals and attaining your inner strength. And when one attains the state then, happiness always touches and stays with you.

9. Going to have fun

Always train your mind to find enjoyment in the work you do. My grandpa once told me, always find the happy state in every work you do, in daily word we say as “find the kick” in your life. Never feel montonous to the work you do, because if you start feeling that then you are one step back of attaining that very happiness.

Love is Everything

10. Laugh and smile

Keep smiling, it will not cost you money , but u definitely lit up many glowing faces around. Smiling and laughing is good for heart, it’s an exercise that is generally given to low esteem and cardiac ones. And I swear, it is communicable once you start smiling, many other glittering smiles will join you in the row.

11. Endevour each moment of life

Each moment of life is precious, we humans don’t live like mummies. We have short span, so spend them wisely till your last breathe. Make less excuses and keep less expections, then no one will be hurt and life will flow easily.

12. Savour positivity in life

Not the last but the least, positivity is the greatest factor of attaining happiness in ones life. Positive thoughts attracts positive doings and positive doings will always lead to great happiness.

Unfortunately, it is the state that one cannot buy, but to develop and grow within. Nowadays people busy in nitty-gritty lifestyle but they are unaware that their fashionable style of living unknowingly engulfing their parts of life. It is said that people are happy occasionally and also take those to social media to express, this is irony of today’s date. So try to be happy within and then put them into social status. Sharing happiness is good but not the fake happiness instead, it only effects you yourself with whole mind and soul. So, stay happy within and if cannot, then checklist those dozen of happiness above, I hope the people reading here already started practicing one of them above and asking your near and dear ones to follow such.

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