Go Corona … Please you need to Go…

Entering into sixth month of year 2020 , and crossing over 2 K corona effected people in India. A year started with a virus evolving in a country and spreading worldwide and making a pandemic situation. People sitting inside and outside the house are highly distressed and sad. No one knows what is going and what is going to be. Neither lockdown nor social distancing is only solution for the virus to fight back. Still things are meant to be start, by hook and crook, and we all need to try to stay with the CORONA. But we should be thankul to the government that the lockdown 1 was taken at right time, as for the betterment of country’s population it was the only way out.

Each and everybody trying their bit to stay safe and healthy and fight back. Recently FIFA & WHO together gave us a joint message on fighting against COVID-19, and promote health and hygiene among mass that  “Pass the message to kick out coronavirus”.

They showed teamwork to assist against the virus by focusing five major point to remember:

  • Hand
  • Elbow
  • Face
  • Distance
  • Feel

There are few quick notes that to stay hygienic and virus free by just trying some simpler steps towards day to day life.

Some do’s and dont’s during Coronavirus Pandemic: 

What to keep in mind while going outside?

  1. Wearing mask
  2. Keeping a santizer (pocket use)
  3. Avoid crowded place/or transport
  4. Keeping distance while talking
  5. Try to avoid touching your face/mouth or anything while you outside

When buying items from market

  1. While in market : Keep one meter distance while buying things
  2. Santize: Sanitize atlest hands and trolleyes basket and handle because you need to touch that
  3. After buying veggies, fruits and raw items : After entering house, wash hands with soap thoroughly, then wash the veggies with warm water, dried for sometime and then kept it in its place (or else can be washed with salt dissolved in water or warm water)
  4. Buying packet items: Try to keep for a day  or keep untouched for a day and then wipe with cloth and then thoroughly wash your hands without touching in face. Nose and mouth.
  5. For clothes :Wash them, avoid repeating them.

What to keep in mind while travelling?

  1. keeping alchol based Sanitizer
  2. Napkins
  3. Masks extra (if by chance needed)
  4. Aviod clinging side to side and rush areas
  5. Food hygiene maintained

Staying and maintaining hygiene is the only way out to stay safe,and if you still feel unwell or any symptoms arose, seek help to the nearest medicine

  1. Difficult in breathing
  2. Persistent pain pressure in chest
  3. Instability or depression
  4. Discoloration of lips n face

Try to reach out to the corona helplines number and take steps accordingly.

Just we can try our best to stay away from social stigma for few days of the year, just for self help and your family. because the deadly one, spare nobody and true that it doesn’t even spare age ones as well. 

Still in the times of odd and the deadly situation , people who worked and served day and night for our well being are the forerunner of our society, we the team of guruontime gives heartful thanks to frontline workers viz doctors, nurse, policemen, bankers, cleaners,the essential service men  and others and sorry of someone still left to mention , thank you thanks a lot for fighting against the deadly microbe. Hope we could all together fought against it steadily as soon as possible.

And yes!! We will try to stay safe, educate more about corona to ourselves and the surroundings as much as we can and serve the needy.Because this is the time when we need to stand together keeping all the race, caste and religion aside. This is not for oneslf but for all the human race.If you want to live, fight back the odds , the odd COVID-19.#staysafe #stayhealthy #fightback #alliswell

“Ensure good immune hygiene, if people are disciplined the the corona gets defeated”- Times of India

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