How To Increase Battery Performance Of Your Smartphone?

SmartPhone battery is the heart of any mobile phone. It is an essential part that makes your smartphone work and allows you to operate your mobile phone. But you know how to take care of your battery?

By taking care of your SmartPhone battery in an appropriate way, you will become aware about it. Not only the battery of your mobile phone is quickly charged, but also gives a long backup to work smartly for an extended period. In Smartphones, the lithium-ion batteries are found that have been safer and work for a longer time. Here you will find some important tips and tricks to keep your smartphone battery healthy and to increase performance.

Tips And Tricks To Increase Battery Performance
Tips And Tricks To Increase Battery Performance

Tips And Tricks To Increase Battery Performance

How To Charge Your Mobile Phone Battery?

Due to the chemical reaction in lithium-ion batteries, you need to charge for a short period for better performance. By doing this, there will be no damage to the battery of your smartphone, but it increases the risk of reducing battery life. It is prudent that to keep your Mobile phone battery between 50 percent to 80 percent and try not to let the phone battery go below 20 percent.

Take Care Of Battery Temperature.

The temperature of the smartphone battery directly impacts on its health and performance of the battery. The smartphone shut down automatically if the temperature of your mobile phone exceeds above the critical point. If you are visiting a place where the temperature is too high or too low, then stop using your smartphone. Also, avoid placing your smartphone in the direct sunlight or any heated place. With the increase in the temperature of your smartphone, the battery will damage quickly, and within a few months, you will either change the battery or your phone.

Using Official Charger Is The Best

Technology for charging your phone is updating. Now wireless charging and fast charging technology for smartphones have arrived. To increase your smartphone battery life uses the official charger, either wireless, quick charge, or standard charge. If you not carrying your official charger than plugging it into the USB port of laptop-PC is also a good option. Always try to charge your smartphone battery to be comfortably charged with the official charger so that the battery can get higher performance.

Keep Smartphone At Half-Charge

Achieve the higher battery performance of your smartphone by keeping the battery almost charged between 50 to 80 percent. A fully discharged or fully charged battery will affect the health of the battery.  Keeping the software update of your smartphone, using features such as adaptive brightness and adaptive battery on, will increase the battery performance and can get longer life.

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