How Remote Car Starters Work?

What are remote car starters?

You operate your television with your television’s remote controller. You can manipulate the volume, switch between channels, and can toggle much more stuff without reaching for the TV physically. Just like that, many cars nowadays come with remote starters that serve precisely the same purpose. Only like you can control your television; you can control some of your vehicle’s functions with the remote car starters. It is used to start the engine of your car remotely and control the door locks. But some advanced remote car starters can do more actions like operating the sunroof, open the car’s bonnet, and even controlling the air conditioner inside.

Why are remote car starters essential?

  1. Especially in colder regions, vehicles made of metals get too cold to touch. Suppose you’re about to go to work, but your vehicle’s internal temperature is too low to get inside. Hence, you need to start your car’s engine to generate some heat inside the vehicle. Therefore, you can start your vehicle’s engine beforehand so that you can ride comfortably. You can also trigger your car’s AC for this.
  2. After you’ve parked your vehicle somewhere, you must adequately lock the doors and the engine of your car. With some car starters, you can do this job too. Often, we tend to forget about locking the doors and the driver of our vehicle. In this case, we can secure our vehicles with just one tap.
  3. Suppose you’re in a vehicle parking area, and you forgot where you parked your car. With a remote car starter in your hand, you can send a signal to your vehicle that will trigger your vehicle to light on and make some sounds. By doing this, you can track your anywhere in a parking facility.

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How do car starters look externally?

Most car starters come as a vehicle key chain with several buttons and switches on it. Sometimes the vehicle keys are integrated with the car starters. And this makes it way more convenient because you won’t have to carry the keys and the openers separately. Some expensive car starters can even have the facility of tracking them with a mobile app. By this, you can easily find your vehicle keys if you forgot where you kept it. All in all, you can control some critical features of your vehicle if your vehicle has a remote starter installed.

How does a remote car starter function?

The keychain in your hand contains the essential transmitter circuitry. And the receiver unit is placed inside a protected module inside your vehicle. The receiver module then further connects with the switching mechanism of your vehicle. This switching mechanism triggers the engine and other equipment to turn on/off. When you press the “Start Engine” button on your remote car starter, it sends a signal to the receiver module in your car. This radio signal is encoded in a particular frequency so that no other vehicle gets interrupted due to this. As soon as the receiver module in your car receives the message and verifies that, it triggers the car’s engine to start. Similar procedures are followed to open and close your car’s windows, sunroofs, and bonnet.

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What is the cost of a remote car starter?

Some modern vehicles have their proprietary starters built into them. But if your car doesn’t have one, you can get one installed whenever you want. You can get as many options as you can. The price range of a decent enough car starter is between $50/- and $200/-. Under this package, you’ll get one remote car starter transmitter (generally in the form of a keychain) and a receiver module. The operating range of the car starter is mentioned on the package of the box itself. Primary care starters come with a range of around 400 meters, whereas some robust ones can transmit up to a kilometer.

How to install a remote car starter in your vehicle?

Well, you shouldn’t dare to. It’s better to leave this task into the hands of professionals. You can visit any car servicing center and get one such system installed on your vehicle. I’m forbidding you to install one by yourself because this installation requires tangling with some critical wiring into your car. Not a single wire must be compromised as one malfunction can lead to a severe accident. And an average person may not have the necessary knowledge about some electrical stuff that takes place inside their vehicle. Therefore, it is always advisable to get one done by a professional or from a trusted service center.

Reliable Car Starters

For your convenience, I have gathered the best car starters available right now. These are very reliable car starters, and thousands of people have used and reviewed them already. And also, these are compatible with any vehicle model. You can search these products on any leading shopping site.

  • Compustar CS800 Remote Car Starter
  • Python LED 2-Way Security and Remote Start System
  • Crimestopper RS7-G5 Cool Start
  • Avital 4103LX Remote Car Starter
  • Autopage C3-RS730 LCD Alarm with Remote Car Starter


A remote vehicle starter is essential, especially if you’re living in a city. Besides remotely starting your car’s engine, you can also operate the windows, sunroof, lights, and air conditioner using a single remote controller. You’ll also be capable of locking and unlocking your vehicle remotely if you forgot to do so. All in all, a remote vehicle starter serves many purposes that may be useful to you. Many modern vehicles already ship with such features. But if your vehicle doesn’t have one, you don’t need to worry. You can easily have one such system installed in your existing car, and this costs as little as $100/-. So, why not installing one such today itself?

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