JioMart Delivery Service In Rourkela

Do you want to order groceries from Jiomart Rourkela? The JioMart delivery service is available across each district, cities or town of Odisha. Rourkela is the city of Odisha, the state of India. Order fresh groceries, cloth for kids, men or women, books, electronics, and more daily use products. Get doorstep delivery in Rourkela by ordering products via the JioMart app, or JioMart’s official website. The online grocery platform JioMart is also known as the JioMart Kirana store in Rourkela. JioMart delivery services cover nearby towns and cities of Rourkela to deliver a greater variety of daily essentials with faster delivery and better pricing. 

How to Check JioMart Delivery Service Availability in Rourkela?

JioMart Delivery service is available across each state, cities or Town List in India. If you need to check JioMart delivery service availability in Rourkela. Anyone can check the Rourkela JioMart delivery service availability using Jiomart App or by visiting JioMart official website. When you purchase a product and submit an order, you can check and verify JioMart Delivery service availability in your area in Rourkela. Enter your Rourkela Area Pincode after visiting JioMart’s official website or App. 

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How to order from the JioMart App in Rourkela?

You can order from Jiomart App in Rourkela by just using your JioMart Android or IOs App. Customers in Rourkela can able to order from JioMart App 24/7. Follow the simple steps for placing an order on JioMart App:

  1. Download the JioMart app from Playstore or AppStore
  2. Register with your Mobile Number on the JioMart app.
  3. Login into the JioMart App using your registered mobile number.
  4. Select Rourkela City or Enter your Rourkela Pin code to check JioMart delivery services available in your area.
  5. Select products from a wide range of categories available.
  6. Add items to the cart, you wish to buy in Rourkela.
  7. Complete payment & check out using the different options available with JioMart.

How to order from the Jiomart Website in Rourkela?

  1. Visit JioMart Official website
  2. Enter the Rourkela PIN code to check the JioMart delivery service is available in your area.
  3. Sign up for the JioMart account using your Mobile number or Email Id.
  4. Login into the Jiomart App using your registered mobile number or Email Id.
  5. Browse JioMart products and add products to Cart, you wish to buy in Rourkela.
  6. Enter Rourkela delivery address
  7. Complete payment & check out using the different options available with JioMart.

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What payment options are available in JioMart Rourkela?

In JioMart Rourkela, You can pay for your order using the following modes of payment:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Netbanking
  • e-Wallets
  • Cash on Delivery

Is Cash On Delivery Available with JioMart Rourkela?

Yes, JioMart Rourkela accepts cash on delivery in addition to online payments from debit cards, Credit cards, wallets, and Netbanking.

Do I need To Pay delivery charges in Rourkela for product orders From JioMart?

No, When you buy from JioMart in Rourkela, the shipping is entirely free. There is no minimum purchasing amount. When you buy in bulk or make a small number of purchases, the delivery charges in Rourkela are free.

How long does it take for JioMart to deliver to my Rourkela location?

JioMart offers home delivery services in Rourkela area locations. The large majority of our orders are delivered by our JioMart delivery partners in Rourkela within 3-5 working days.

How to track JioMart Delivery Status in Rourkela?

The tracking ID number supplied to your registered phone number or email address can be used to track your JioMart order online in Rourkela. You may also check the progress of your Rourkela JioMart order by using Whatsapp, JioMart Website, or App Tracking feature in Rourkela.

What if the JioMart Delivery service is not available at my location in Rourkela?

JioMart Delivery would be available in almost all states, cities, and towns in India including Rourkela, Odisha. JioMart’s delivery service Rourkela is extensive, and you will receive your ordered items at your doorsteps via JioMart Delivery partners Rourkela and nearby areas.

List of JioMart delivery Services Available in Rourkela areas and pin codes

Rourkela JioMart delivery services are available in every area and pin codes. Here is the JioMart Delivery service available to areas and Pincodes in Rourkela. Check your city or Pincodes are included in the list. Jio is continuously expanding JioMart Delivery services in the Rourkela areas.  So stay tuned with us to get updated about the Rourkela areas where JioMart groceries online shopping is available.

Rourkela Areas Location with JioMart deliveryRourkela Pincode with JioMart delivery
ROURKELA 3769003
SECTOR 6769002
ROURKELA 11769011
ROURKELA 8769008
SECTOR 15769003
ROURKELA 13769013
ROURKELA 7769007
ROURKELA 16769016
SECTOR 16769003
ROURKELA 14769014
ROURKELA 15769015
ROURKELA 10769010
SECTOR 2769006
SECTOR 7769003
ROURKELA 2769002
ROURKELA 5769005
ROURKELA 6769006
ROURKELA 9769009
SECTOR 5769002

JioMart customer care number in Rourkela

JioMart Rourkela’s customer service team is available between 8:00 am & 8:00 pm seven days of the week. Please call on 1800 890 1222. You may also write to us at 

Rourkela JioMart Customer care Number1800 890 1222
Rourkela JioMart WhatsApp care Number70003 70003
Rourkela JioMart Email

JioMart Coupons, Sales, Offers & Promo Codes in Rourkela

JioMart Coupons, Promo Codes & Offers in Rourkela is available on the various payment options and on festival throughout the year. You can click here to check the latest JioMart Coupons, Promo Codes & Offers in Rourkela.

JioMart benefits in Rourkela

  • 50,000+ products including Groceries, Clothes and Electronics Items
  • No minimum order value
  • Free home delivery
  • Fastest delivery
  • 3,000 savings
  • Buy online or offline
  • No question asked return policy
  • Customer Services Support on call. Email and WhatApp


Buying from JioMart Rourkela is simple and convenient. Using JioMart Coupons Offers & Promo Codes in Rourkela, you may get a lot of discounts and deals. JioMart Rourkela gives fantastic discounts on its products in collaboration with a number of online banks. With Rourkela’s JioMart, you can forget about traffic and wasting time, just save money on Shopping.

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