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Leh Ladakh Road Funny Safety Signs


Ladakh (“land of high passes”) is a beautiful natural region covered with valley, lakes, and hills in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.  Tourist says Leh Ladhak trip is incomplete without bike rides on the road.  The snow-covered paths, the difficulties, broken paths, the mess that a single truck causes, Landslides, Mountain curves roads crossing the narrow valley and funny road safety sign excites and cherishes each moment. In collaboration with Travel bumps, we are taking you through the road journey and present some of the funny road safety sign you came across on the roads of Leh Ladhak.

Nubra Valley full moon

Best time visit Leh Ladakh

The Indus valley near Leh
The Indus valley near Leh
  • Leh Ladakh in summer (April-June)
  • Leh Ladakh in Monsoon (July-August)
  • Leh Ladakh in Early Winter (September-October)
  • Leh Ladakh in winter (November-February)
Pangong Tso Lake
Pangong Tso Lake

Leh Ladakh: Funny Road Safety Signs

    1. darling-i-want-you-but-not-so-fast
    2. are-you-going-for-party-then-why-drive-so-dirty
    3. dont-be-a-gama-in-the-land-of-lama
    4. highest-motorable-road
    5. Himank-if-you-love-her
    6. himank-let-your-insaurance-policy-mature-before-you
    7. Himank-Speed-thrills-but-kills
    8. hospital-ceiling-are-boaring-to-look-at-avoid-accident
    9. it-is-always-better-to-be-late-than-being-late-Mr
    10. love-the-neighbour-but-not-while-driving
    11. peep-peep-dont-sleep
    12. project-himank
    13. three-enemy-of-roads-liquor-speed-and-overload
    14. sorry-for-oooh-ahh-ouch-inconvenience-regretted
    15. life-is-short-dont-make-it-shorter
    16. know-aids-no-aids
    17. over-speed-is-a-knife
    18. if-you-sleep-your-family-will-weep
    19. himank-time-is-money
    20. Himank-on-the-bend
    21. himank-make-love-not-war-but-nothing-while-driving
    22. Himank-it-is-not-rally-enjoy-the-valley
    23. himank-after-wisky-driving-risky
    24. feel-the-curve-do-not-test-them
    25. dont-gossip-let-him-drive
    26. donate-blood-in-blood-bank-not-on-this-road
    27. cat-has-nine-lives-but-not-the-one-who-drives
    28. bro-drive-dont-fly
    29. bro-a-spill-a-slip-a-hospital-trip
    1. be-gentlel-on-my-curve


So What are you waiting lets plan to Leh Ladhak Road Trip. 🏍

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