Make Life Easier With Psychological Tricks

Brain has the extraordinary power to incalculate all type of emotions i.e good or bad. One need to just control such and stop distressing oneself over and over again. And to cut out such distress psycologists practice and advice some steps to follow, that can make life easier instead of standing and crying endlessly.

The Tips are Jotted Down:

  1. Stay calm when some one raise their voice- Learn the art of staying calm. When loudmouth acts out of anger then they forget everything. And ones behaviour on revert of the situation can unintetionnly provoke them.
  2. Write down thoughts when feeling stressed or anxious- When you start releasing your thoughts, you feel more focussed to work. It is one of the beautiful way to express out your emotions in a paper by writing or by painting. We generally suggest people to draw if one has have their hobby as painting and stopped doing that due to work life balance. Start revisiting old hobbies.
  3. Make feel people needed when you ask for help- While talking later I need help, people themselves will ready to help you. This is the great way to know the fakeness of that person in front of you. Make people feel important, it makes them feel a special place in your life, and if you don’t want that person then it’s different story.
  4. Look at someone’s eye when get dissatisfactory answer to some question- Instead of repeating the question back , looking on the eyes can make the person concerned.

Along with tha above beautiful tricks one should also follow the four “T ” of life hack. And, if one tame the four Ts then, we gurantee dozen of one’s problem in daily life will be easier than ever.

  1. Timing : Right mood, right place and right people should be seen before we start discussing. And then where the timing plays the role. Bad time can make any sitution move in different direction. Then,we mostly say in hindi ” areee timing garbar ho gyi “.

2. Tone : The body language, voice texture and the way of throwing any point in front of anyone is a point to remember. Never, raise voice where the situation is already in heatup. As aforementioned discussed. So never.

3. Texture: Type of words we use while talking is crucial. If the words are full of bad comments or sarcastic compliments or sandwiching them all. Then this may make the situation more worst.So, the words we speak during any talk, matters a lot to the listeners. 

4. Truth: This five letter word is dangerous, because truth is always bitter than lie. And is human nature, we lie thousand times to safeguard one situation. And it is always contradictory, that whether always revealing truth is correct, and it’s not, but not always either. That’s why elders do agree the fact that, telling lie where necessary, but don’t make that as a habit. 

Therefore, we request our readers to go once the tricks and tips to how to cool down any heated up situations with some easy psychological ways. And, am confident enough if the above steps once followed in any case then it will truly make the ones life much easier. People has a problem to think any situation a lot and making that much worst than ever, and sometimes creating health issues due to over-analysing inside the head. So stay calm, stay cool, use the psychological tricks in daily life and live life freely. 

And remember the Buddha saying Those who are free from resentful thoughts surely find peace.”

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