Navratri Colors 2020: Dates, 9 Colour, Forms Of Goddess Durga, Significance, Full Calendar

Navratri is an auspicious occasion and a festival celebrated with a lot of fun & fare in northern, eastern and western part of India to glorify women empowerment and the victory of good over evil. As the name denotes, Navratri is for nine days and every day has a significance and story attached to it. In this blog, the readers will get to know the goddesses who are worshipped on each day and the color that you should embrace to summon them by your prayers. 

Navratri Dates (नवरात्र 2020 तिथि):

नवरात्र तिथि – Navaratri 2020 in India will begin on Saturday, 17 October 2020 and ends on Sunday, 25 October 2020.

Navratri 2020:

  • Navratri Day 1 – Saturday, October 17, 2020: Pratipada, Ghatasthapana, Shailputri Puja
  • Navratri Day 2 – Sunday, October 18, 2020: Dwitiya, Chandra Darshana, Brahmacharini Puja
  • Navratri Day 3 – Monday, October 19, 2020: Tritiya, Sindoor Tritiya, Chandraghanta Puja
  • Navratri Day 4 – Tuesday, October 20, 2020: Chaturthi, Kushmanda Puja, Vinayaka Chaturthi, Upang Lalita Vrat
  • Navratri Day 5 – Wednesday, October 21, 2020: Panchami, Skandamata Puja, Saraswati Avahan
  • Navratri Day 6 – Thursday, October 22, 2020: Shashthi, Katyayani Puja, Saraswati Puja
  • Navratri Day 7 – Friday, October 23, 2020: Saptami, Kalaratri Puja
  • Navratri Day 8 – Saturday, October 24, 2020: Ashtami, Durga Ashtami, Mahagauri Puja, Sandhi Puja, Maha Navami
  • Navratri Day 9 – Sunday, October 25, 2020: Navami, Ayudha Puja, Navami Homa, Navratri Parana, Vijayadashami
  • Navratri Day 10 – Monday, October 26, 2020: Dashami, Durga Visarjan

The nine manifested forms of Goddess Durga, known as Navdurga are:

  • Shailaputri
  • Brahmacharini
  • Chandraghanta
  • Kushmanda
  • Skandamata
  • Katyayini
  • Kaalratri
  • Mahagauri
  • Siddhidatri

Navratri 2020 Colours With the Significance of the Dates

DateColor of the DayGoddess WorshipNavratri Color Significance
Saturday, 17 OctoberOrangeGhatasthapana, Shailputri PujaBright and vibrant Orange colour signifies energy and happiness.
Sunday, 18 OctoberWhiteBrahmacharini PujaWhite colour is a symbol of purity, peace and meditation.
Monday, 19 OctoberRedChandraghanta PujaRed colour signifies beauty and fearlessness.
Tuesday, 20 OctoberRoyal BlueKushmanda PujaRoyal blue colour is considered good for health and wealth.
Wednesday, 21 OctoberYellowSkandamata PujaYellow colour signifies happiness and brightness
Thursday, 22 OctoberGreenKatyayani PujaGreen colour signifies new beginnings and growth.
Friday, 23 OctoberGreyMaha Saptami, Kalaratri PujaGrey colour stands for the strength of transforming
Saturday, 24 OctoberPurpleDurga Ashtami, Mahagauri PujaPurple colour signifies the power of intellect and peace.
Sunday, 25 OctoberPeacock GreenNavratri Parana, Siddhidatri PujaPeacock green colour signifies to believed to fulfill the desires of devotees.

Navratri Day 1 Goddess, Colour: Shailaputri, Orange

Mata Shailputri
Mata Shailputri
  • Partipada: 1st Day of Navratri
  • Date: Saturday, 17 October 2020
  • Puja: Shailputri Puja
  • Favorite flower: Hibiscus
  • Color of the Navratri Day 1: Orange
  • Mantra: ‘Om Devi Shailaputryai Namah’

The first day of Navratri celebrates Mata Shailputri. She has the power of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, the powerful trio as per Hindu Mythology. When you are worshipping Mata Shailputri, as this goddess is directly connected to the Moon, you get energy from the moon to destroy all the struggles and emerge victorious. While doing the prayers, make sure to chant  the mantra “Oṃ Devī Śailaputryai Namaḥ ॐ देवी शैलपुत्र्यै नमः”. Also, wear orange cloth on the first day while offering your prayers. 

Navratri Day 2 Goddess, Colour: Brahmacharini, White

brahmacharini maa
Brahmacharini Maa
  • Dwitiya: 2nd Day of Navratri
  • Date: Sunday, 18 October 2020
  • Puja: Brahmacharini Puja
  • Favorite flower: Chrysanthemum flower
  • Color of the Day: White
  • Mantra: ‘Om Devi Brahmacharinyai Nama’

On the second day, goddess Brahmacharnini, the bringer of peace, happiness, prosperity and grace must be worshipped wearing clothes with white color. When you worship goddess Brahmacharini, the soul would be energized by the energy flow from the Red Planet, or Mars. Just make sure that when you are summoning her, use the magical chanting mantra “Oṃ Devī Brahmacāriṇyai Namaḥ ॐ देवी ब्रह्मचारिण्यै नम:.” Once you do this, it will open infinite realms of possibilities and bring greater positivity in your life. 

Navratri Day 3 Goddess, Colour: Chandraghanta, Red

Maa chandraghanta
Maa chandraghanta

Tritiya: 3rd Day of Navratri
Date: Monday, 19 October 2020
Puja: Gauri Puja, Saubhagya Teej, Chandraghanta Puja
Favorite flower: Lotus
Color of the Day: Red
Mantra: ‘Om Devi Chandraghantayai Namah’

The third day belongs to goddess Chandraghanta, who has been recognized for showing bravery, passion and bringer of prosperity. When you worship goddess Chandraghanta, your power source planet, in case, if it is Venus, will be strengthened and give the much needed optimism and hope to make you feel good. Make sure to wear red colored clothes while you offer prayers to goddess Chandraghanta and chant this mantra “Oṃ Devī Candraghaṇṭāyai Namaḥ ॐ देवी चन्द्रघण्टायै नम:”

Navratri Day 4 Goddess, Colour: Kushmanda, Royal Blue

Goddess Kushmunda
Goddess Kushmunda
  • Chaturthi: 4th Day of Navratri
  • Date: Tuesday, 20 October 2020
  • Puja: Kushmanda Puja, Vinayaka Chaturthi, Lakshmi Panchami
  • Favorite flower: Jasmine
  • Color of the Day: Royal Blue
  • Mantra: ‘Om Devi Kushmandayai Namah’

Goddess Kushmunda, the creator of the universe is worshipped on the fourth day of Navratri. She is the ultimate creator because of her ability to power-up the sun and derive energy from there. She created the world by her mere laughter. While you pan to worship her, make sure that you are wearing royal blue clothes and  chanting the following mantra for best benefits “ Oṃ Devī Kūṣmāṇḍāyai Namaḥ ॐ देवी कूष्माण्डायै नम:”

Navratri Day 5 Goddess, Colour: Skandamata, Yellow

Skand mata
Skand mata
  • Panchami: 5th day of Navratri
  • Date: Wednesday, 21 October 2020
  • Puja: Naag Puja, Skandamata Puja, Skanda Sashti
  • Favorite Flower: Yellow Rose
  • Color of the Day: Yellow
  • Mantra: ‘Om Devi Skandamatayai Namah’

Skand-Mata, one of the 9 faces of Goddess Durga is celebrated or praised on the 5th day of Navratri. At the time of offering prayers to Skanda-Mata, the devotees will be experiencing infinite energy flow from planet Mercury. As Skandmata represent planet Mercury. To get the best benefits, always make sure that you are wearing yellow clothes and chanting the following mantra “ Oṃ Devī Skandamātāyai Namaḥ ॐ देवी स्कन्दमातायै नम:”

Navratri Day 6 Goddess, Colour: Katyayini, Green

Katyayani mata
Katyayani mata
  • Shashthi: 6th Day of Navratri
  • Date: Thursday, 22 October 2020
  • Puja: Yamuna Chhath, Katyayani Puja
  • Favorite Flower: Marigold
  • Color of the Day: Green
  • Mantra: ‘Om Devi Katyayanyai Namah’

Goddess Katyayani is an example of courage and valour. On the sixth day of Navratri, she is worshipped by her devotees who wear green clothes and submit themselves to the highest form of energy. Worshipping Devi Katyayani empowers planet Jupiter and those whose star-sign are connected to the planet Jupiter, benefit a lot. Just chant the mantra “Oṃ Devī Kātyāyanyai Namaḥ ॐ देवी कात्यायन्यै नम:” and let her courage pave the way to experience completeness and satisfaction in your life. 

Navratri Day 7 Goddess, Colour: Kaalratri, Grey

Kalaratri maa
Kalaratri maa
  • Saptami: 7th Day of Navratri
  • Date: Friday, 23 October 2020
  • Puja: Maha Saptami, Kalaratri Puja
  • Favorite Flower: Krishna Kamal
  • Color of the Day: Grey
  • Mantra: ‘Om Devi Kalaratryai Namah’

On Day 7, or the day from when the Durga Puja starts, Devi Kal-Ratri comes to her maternal home riding different carrier. Based on the choice of her carriers, she brings either peace, harmony or destruction and sombre. Devi Kal-ratri gets influenced by the Planet Saturn and those who have their star-sign signifying the importance of Saturn planet get benefited a lot from it. Just chant the mantra “Oṃ Devī Kālarātryai Namaḥ ॐ देवी कालरात्र्यै नम:” and let her take away all the worries and anxieties from your life. Devi Kalratri signifies shades of life: black & white, so wear grey clothes to summon her by your prayers. 

Navratri Day 8 Goddess, Colour: Mahagauri, Purple

Maha Gauri
Maha Gauri
  • Ashtami: 8th Day of Navratri
  • Date: Saturday, 24 October 2020
  • Puja: Durga Ashtami, Mahagauri Puja, Annapurna Ashtami, Sandhi Puja
  • Favorite Flower: Night-blooming jasmine, mogra
  • Color of the Day: Purple
  • Mantra: ‘Om Devi Mahagauryai Namah’

Those who are in white collar jobs must earnestly worship Mata Gauri, as she is the representer of intelligence, peace, prosperity and tranquility. Chant the mantra “Om Devi Mahagauryai Namah ॐ देवी महागौर्यै नम” while offering your prayers and once you do that, it will make your Rahu, the mischievous element in your horoscope settle for the good. Just don’t forget to wear purple clothes while your are submitting your heart and soul to her. 

Navratri Day 9 Goddess, Colour: Siddhidatri, Peacock Green

Sidhidatri Maa

Maha Navami: 9th Day of Navratri
Date: Sunday, 25 October 2020
Puja: Navratri Parana, Siddhidatri Puja
Favorite Flower: Champa
Color of the Day: Peacock Green
Mantra: ‘Om Devi Siddhidatryai Namah’

The ninth or the last day of Navratri glorifies goddess Siddhidatri credited with giving you blissfulness and peace. Goddess Siddhidatri can manipulate and correct all the dosh relating to Ketu in your horoscope. So, if you are going through a tough phase and your astrologer has said that the Ketu is not in place to benefit you, make sure to chant the mantra “Om Devi Siddhidatryai Namah ॐ देवी सिद्धिदात्र्यै नम” while wearing peacock green dress. Best days will follow thereafter. 

Navratri Colours: Nine colours of Shardiya Navratri 2020

The nine manifested forms of Goddess Durga, known as Navdurga are:

  • Navratri Day 1: The colour of the first day of Navdurga is Orange.
  • Navratri Day 2: The colour of the Second day of Navdurga is White.
  • Navratri Day 3: The colour of the Third day of Navdurga is Red.
  • Navratri Day 4: The colour of the fourth day of Navdurga is Royal Blue.
  • Navratri Day 5: The colour of the fifth day of Navdurga is Yellow.
  • Navratri Day 6: The colour of the Sixth day of Navdurga is Green.
  • Navratri Day 7: The colour of the seventh day of Navdurga is Grey.
  • Navratri Day 8: The colour of the eighth day of Navdurga is Purple.
  • Navratri Day 9: The colour of the ninth day of Navdurga is Peacock Green.
  • Navratri Day 10: The colour of the tenth day of Navdurga is Pink.

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