Our Favourite Superheroes Had Indian Moms

I am a superhero fan! I think you are too. Marvels and DC superheroes always excite me a lot. I eagerly wait for every superhero movies. The superhero styles continue to changes itself, we all have been witnessed some of the amazing superhero movies of all time including Iron Man, Spiderman, Wonder women and more – with Avengers: Endgame is the next movie we are waiting for.


Talking about humour, ScrollDroll has a talent for creating out-of-the-box humorous content about superheroes and Indian mom. Check ScrollDroll illustration series:

“What If Our favourite superheroes had Indian moms?”

  1. SuperMan and Indian Mom

Superman and Indian mom
Superman Indian Mom

2. Iron Man and Indian Mom

ironman and Indian mon
Ironman Indian mon

3. Spider-Man and Indian Mom

spiderman Indian mon
Spiderman Indian mon

4. Wolverine and Indian Mom

wolverine Indian mon
Wolverine Indian mon

5. Batman and Indian Mom

batman Indian mon
Batman Indian mon

6. Super-Women and Indian Mom

wonder-woman Indian mon
wonder-woman Indian mon

7. Thor and Indian Mom

Thor Indian mon
Thor Indian mon

8. Hulk and Indian Mom

Hulk Indian mon
Hulk Indian mon

Observe and be amazed!

Say whatever, Indian moms are the best and their Mamta knows no bounds. Love you Maa.

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