The Power Of Prayer

“God shapes the world by prayer. The more praying there is in the world the better the world will be, the mightier the forces against evil” – Mother Teresa

Mahatma Gandhi once quoted, “as food is indispensable to the body, so is prayer is indispensable for the soul”. As many philosophers, materialists have no faith or otherwise ridiculed and questioned on the existence of God and its prayer.

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Nevertheless, great scriptures of The Bible, The Gita and The Koran lay stress on prayer. When, we pray we directly face with him “The Almighty”. However, the minds should be clear and focussed on him.  The soul significance of prayer losses its dignity when our minds wander around. The real purpose of prayer is to communicate with God. It is the communication of the soul with the supreme soul, and which is the man’s own higher self.

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Prayer Word – Deeper Sense of Meaning:

  • “P” letter in prayer stands for “Panentheism” which means “All in God”.
  • R” letter in prayer stands forRepentance” which means “repenting for a sin against God”.
  • A” letter in prayer stands for “Agnosticism” which means “Existence of God“.
  • Y” letter in prayer stands for “Yana” which means “metaphor of spiritual path”.
  • E” letter in prayer stands for “Enlightenment” which means “acquiring wisdom”.
  • “R” letter in prayer stands for “Reincarnation” which means “true self”.

Meditation and Yoga are the forms of prayer only to connect with the soul when practiced in spiritual form. The influence of prayer in any individual can be discernible in his state of cheerfulness, serenity, resourcefulness, high moral sense, humanitarianism, a genuine love and affection for all. Thus, a man who prays, loves the world around him. And, that person works for the welfare of all selflessly. Some people enchants God’s name repeatedly and some do not. Some devote their whole life for sake of the Almighty. But whatever the way or number of times an individual prays, most important is the faith, sincerity and devotion one pays towards the worship.

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One may find the God in others as well and that flows out from self naturally. Praying is nonspecific, it can be done while waking up in the morning, sitting, standing, walking and even sleeping. Paying gratitude towards Him, or a simple “Thank you” can be message to our soul and inner self. And that is called true prayer; it means being connected to the supreme soul automatically.

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Reasons for praying to GOD – WHY WE ALL PRAY

  1. We all are children of God, and we all hope to get the right path during our deeds.
  2. Because it more deepens our trust on Him.
  3. Expressing completely Me to Him, that can never done to anybody.
  4. Calming down our self distraction and converting them with positive ones.
  5. Getting involved with the good deeds that ought to happen in our lives.

Above all, god knows everything, because he created the ones. He is the controller of all our beings.  As, there are innumerable examples and verses of power of prayers around the world which set an examples to everyone residing and always summarised to a simple sentence  i.e  Power of prayer should not be underestimated”. When we pray passionately and purposefully, according to God’s will, God responds powerfully!


Prayer Has Four Simple Steps

  1. Address Heavenly Almighty God
  2. Thank God for all the blessings and a happy life
  3. Ask God for blessings
  4. Close in the name of Almighty God.

In spite of all this, life without good deeds means nothing. If we accept doing good deeds as a form of prayer, then even an atheist may appear to be praying, though denying the existence of God. The famous poet from Victorian era said “More things are brought by prayer, than this world dream of”.


PRAY…………… WAIT…………TRUST !!!!

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