The D-day when India got its rule of governance that is Swaraj or Self Rule. The day reiterates the importance of having an Indian constitution get into act and having self-rule for a nation in order to develop prosper with peace and harmony.

But it was always controversial when people ask are we really that much SWATANTRA?

No, I don’t mean to debate about the fact but just want to jotted down, the idea of being SWATANTRA is also to be feel free from mind, soul and boundations.

SWATANTRA – from Mind & Soul

Being free is something that everyone wants to feel in once lifetime. Below mentioning some of the “swantantric points” to be happy go lucky mind.


 Stop thinking what people think.

Each one of us quite aware about the famous lyrics of song “kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna”. 

This means if you keep thinking about what people think and what will they say, then one cannot walk a feet. So get clutter from those questions like wo kya kahenge, kya samjhenge, unko kaisa lagega….n so on.

Stop thinking and start prioritizing oneself because at the end of the day you yourself is the one who cares.

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Feel free to spend time with oneself. Spending time with your inner-self is the best quality time spent.

Take time to talk and ask few beautiful questions viz ask one-self whether the things I am doing daily are right or wrong;  Am I in the right track of lifeor not;  whether I am happy…….

This is the time when you evaluate your own inner self and one understands that “what one soul wants”.

And most important where the heart and mind don’t long to stay for a while, from that place better to stay away, there is no means to junk ones life and make it complex, and that to be  in a short life span of 65 years of humans. So Dude!! there are tons of others options to lookout.

And, last but not the least…

SWATANTRA – With sweet & spicy’ boundations

The boundations

It is not that boundaries are the disadvantages of life, but it’s a part of life which plays a very crucial role in every human life. Neither I am asking to stay like Parindey- a bird that you fly high like and never stop fleeting. In brief, one must not forget morals and ones existence nevertheless live a balanced life with boundations and freedom, that makes life more.

‘’sweet & spicy’’.

That’s why philosophers and writers say, life should be full of sunshine and sun-dust. Sweet sugary and spicy to those who want to live “out of box”.


So this is what self rule and self upbringing in terms of “swatantra- from mind and soul” is. To build a young Bharat, one should revitalize their life and be happy. Nowadays population are dealing with an inner war of mind and soul for peace, so somewhere these write-up gives a tinge of pleasure to stay fit and republic in terms of inner self.


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