The Art of Happiness

I believe that the very purpose of life is to seek happiness……”   –The XIV Dalai Lama

The above quote is very appropriate for living a happy life. As we all are seeking for happiness. Happy people exhibit a certain quality of openness, a willingness to reach out to people and help them with full heart, and create a good will and positive energy around the surroundings. Our days are numbered. At this very moment, some reach out to century and some cease out their life to some days, weeks, months or few year .  Lucky ones spend 23,725 days (Age:65 years avg) in their life seeking for one central and most important question, which remains unanswered for ages and often complicated i.e What is the purpose of life? What makes our life meaningful?

Happiness Quotes

Western thinkers believe, unhappy people are those who are self-focussed and often withdrawn from social life, brooding and even preferentially antagonising others.

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In contrast, happy are social, flexible, creative and tolerate any daily deeds may it be positive or negative outbursts. And mostly are of loving and forgiving nature. Suppose for instance, stuck in traffic and overtaking is most common. If we are in good mood, give that vehicle pace and ask to go forth without speeding yours. And, if we are miserable then we would simply speed up the vehicle and close the path as usual. So, sometimes to be out of the zone which we usually dwell upon, can bring happiness in a simple life for which we don’t need a bank balance, or any wealth. It only the sake of values, the idea to remain happy can be in small package of deeds in daily life as well.

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5 Simpler steps towards a mindfulness happy everyday

  • Stay Healthy – The DEMS: Drink, Exercise, Meditate & Sleep
  • Day routine – The Rule Book: Write down task, Prioritize work accordingly, Self- evaluation
  • Learn – Study and Upgrade
  • Focus- Paying gratitude
  • Productive- Kicking out negative vibes and simultaneously fill with positive attitude

And, once we learn, follow such and focus for happiness that will offer not only to oneself but also to the individual’s family and society at large.

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Happiness is a art and a conscious choice not an automatic response.

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