Valentine With Mind, Soul & Body

What really Valentine is?? Can you people just explain it one word. Is only celebrating love day in a week or a month is enough or really celebrating love is necessary. Yeah!! A lots of questions comes to mind, but alash!! The answers are all jumbled. 

But if you people are guessing I am going to talk about love and Valentine, then you are wrong, because this time, the love is in air is for the mind, soul and body.  A quote reminds me here by a poet Charles Bukowski “If you have the ability to love, love yourself first”.

This upcoming writeup is all about to take care of your mind soul & body and let’s invest the day and the month for self-care and wellness. Here, are the five fingers techniques of loving your MIND, SOUL & BODY the fullest.

This Valentine let’s just fall in love with ourselves a bit more than anytime else. 

  1. Sleep well & Exercise – the cycle of 8-hours a day is important, but we don’t dare to sleep a while.  And today’s life of social media and mobile phones do not allow us to get a tight sleep of few hours, as before a good nap the bell rings.Along with, we are aware Cardio, streatching & walking are  kinds of muscle tone that is necessary for body fit. Sitting in office like a robot for 9-5 and Monday to Friday/Saturday, a workout is really a bliss to body.
  2. Meditation – Sometimes the entangled brain cells need to have some rest, and it is an important aspect of sound mind, i.e to need to rest for a while.
  3. Organized space – As we keep on saying cluttering things from mind, body and soul is necessary. Like negative thoughts and negative people should always be cut out for better mental progress.And! Of course cutting negativities from life is always like lessening  burden from the brain.
  4. Compassion & Kindness – Sometimes helping the needy, spending time with orphans and paying some time to old age always gives u happiness, and that brings a uncommon smile to urself that like your soul gets thousands blessings.
  5. Sacred Place – Always visit  Temples gurudwaras, mosques and place where sacred lies. This calms your mind body and soul all along. This not only allows you to connect to the eternity but it also counts all your doings and misdoings.

A year earlier we discussed about self-love, love for oneself and many more. But I believe love starts from within, first we need to love ourselves than people will love us. Calming the mind & body, soothing the soul these all makes a perfect well being with a sound internal peace.

SELF-LOVE: The another way of divine love

Love for wellness is never out of style. Creating a balance of six mindful features before loving oneself which will definitely work magical.

Intellectual- Developing skills and creativity

Spiritual – Sense of meaning of life

Emotional – Coping with ones feelings

Physical – Good food & health habits

Social – Good and positive relations with everyone

Career- Satisfaction & purpose of doing one’s work with dedication

Developing such techniques for self-care and self-wellness, which will never harm your mind, body & soul but eventually effects our whole system. Put oneself “apne-aap ko” before what you do. Because if you are not happy, the things happening inside and outside the box will never matter. And this is actually what it is. The motto for this Valentine is “Love for oneself”.

“When you love yourself, you glow from inside. You attract the people who love, respect and appreciate your energy. Everything starts with and how you feel about yourself. Start feeling worthy, valuable and deserving of receiving the best life has to offer. Be magnetic.”

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