Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her and Him

Valentines Day!! It’s that time of the year again… Sigh… red balloons, songs, and newspaper ads shout out that Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to think of gifts. Though many people say that love between couples is expressed every day in little ways and you don’t need a special day for it, this day comes loaded with expectations. So much so, that you have to give in and get a gift. Scrapbooks and jewelry are already done with… So, what’s new can you gift this year V Day? We have a neat list for you!

1. A Membership on this Valentines Day

This one has a great feel of a thoughtful gift. Give your Valentine an annual membership of any activity that they’ve been meaning to take up. Do they want to get back to reading more? Try a book club membership. For a little indulgence, try a spa membership. For fun and relaxation, a swimming club membership can help. Gifting a membership is a way of gifting “space” to your partner, where they stay happy doing the thing they like and not together as a couple.

2. V Day PDA on Facebook

There used to be a time for letters. Now is the time for a fun public display of affection (PDA) on Facebook. Write a blog about your partner – how the world has its imperfections but becomes a perfect place when the two of you are together. Share it as a surprise on V day tagging your partner in your post. PDA is not just about showing off. It exudes the confidence you have in your relationship.  So, go ahead and show off.

3. A Hobby for Both of You

A great way to strengthen your relationship is to pick up some couple activities that you both find interesting. It may be as simple as solving Sudoku puzzles or taking Salsa lessons. While couples tend to be as different as chalk and cheese, the little common quirks add a spark and keep the fire going. Take up a gym activity together and motivate each other to reach your goals. You could even take up a marathon running practice or rifle shooting!

4. A Romantic Treasure Hunt

This one is for true romance… Hide riddles and clues around the house for your partner. On solving each clue you can gift a personalized card like one free foot massage or 3 hugs and kisses that can be availed throughout the year. Lead to finding the final clue in your bedroom!  You could both decide to do this and have fun discovering romance and fun gifts along the way. Have fun on the journey and when you reach the destination too. A unique gift this Valentines Day.

5. Gift a Makeover

Once in a while, everyone needs to shed the old look and feel fresh. Feeling good about yourself also lets you give your best to the relationship. So, get an appointment with a coveted celebrity hair stylist and popular designer this Valentine’s Day. Gift your Valentine an elegant makeover and end the day with a dance and dinner date. But this one is slightly tricky. Make sure you say that you adore them for who they are and not how they look and that this makeover is just for fun.

You will get many occasions to celebrate throughout the year which gives an even better reason to make this Valentines day a memorable one. Go ahead and fall in love once again.

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