What Purpose Do Refrigerator Filters Serve?

Statistics tell us that across the United States, 4-32 million people fall victim to water-borne diseases every year. Water supplied to our homes, even after being treated in treatment plants tend to be filled with contaminants such as lead, chlorine, cryptosporidium and fluoride which can turn out to be very deadly for our health.

We all have refrigerators in our homes and most come with refrigerator filters. Why do we need refrigerator filters? We need them for the simple fact that unfiltered water can have a high negative impact on our health and may lead to serious irreversible issues. Let us now know how these filters usually work, what do they filter out and are they really worth it?

How do Refrigerator Filters Work?

Most refrigerator filters make use of activated carbon in order to filter out the unwanted substances. The scientific procedure that they follow is adsorption. Adsorption in refrigerator filters allows the contaminants to stick to the filtration medium, activated carbon in this case. The activated carbon has a structure that resembles a honeycomb structure. It consists of several nooks and crannies. Why is this important? Because this type of structure provides a large surface area and is thus highly suitable for adsorption. There are two very prime factors that contribute in determining how exactly activated charcoal filters reduce contaminants. The first factor is size while the second factor is the length of time during which water remains in contact with the filtration medium inside the refrigerator filter.

What do Refrigerator Filters Remove?

Any amount of water after being passed through a refrigerator filter becomes free of all kinds of contaminants that make water unsafe for drinking. Water filtered through refrigerator filters turn out to be devoid of any bad odour or bad taste. Instead, they taste and smell exactly the way clean water should taste and smell like, and thus refrigerator filters are an absolute must for you and your family’s drinking needs.


You cannot have one refrigerator filter installed in your fridge forever. After a certain period of time, adsorption capabilities of the activated carbon reduce as it gets saturated with all the contaminants that it has already adsorbed for a long period of time. This saturation results in not only failure of filtering the water but also adds the contaminants it has been carrying all along into the water flowing through it. Thus, this calls for replacing the refrigerator water filters. Replacement of refrigerator water filters is really easy and it needs to be done after every six months.


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So, wait no more, make good use of your refrigerator filters, replace them after every six months and keep drinking clean and healthy water.

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