10 Indian Food Trends For This Wedding Season

With weddings coming up it’s time to attack the greedy side, for good food is the most essential part of a wedding celebration. An Indian wedding can never complete without food and drinks. With the new-age and demands, food to have taken a turn for the best. The days are gone when only the traditional caterers used to fulfill the needs of the wedding saga. Today with all the health-conscious guests around, the wedding platter has numerous new additions and dishes to flaunt.

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Few ideas that will get everyone talking about your wedding day

Twist it with the brunch: Brunches are perfect for weddings that take place in the morning. Earlier, morning weddings began with breakfast and then there was lunch. These days, brunches are popular and taking over. They are stylish, have a lot more options and are even economical, as you are cutting one whole meal out. From pancakes to burgers, there are many options to choose from and enjoyed at any time of the day.

Eat with a stick: In the middle of all the rituals everyone is hungry and attendees dressed in their finest attire favor being served a kebab on a stick. No one wants to hold a paper plate with the food when mini rolls or kebabs can be served on a plain stick. Get these appetizer sticks carried around while the wedding rituals are being performed and everyone will seem happy.

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Grill it: Everyone is conscious about their weight and from the juicy Amritsari Fish Tikkas to the Paneer Wraps, gone are the days when they came with layers of fat and oil. The new-age wedding needs to care for your health, which is why baked or grilled options are best that use less oil and are way more better than the deep-fried food.

Salad parlor: Brace yourselves for all the fresh fruits, vegetables and lot more this wedding season. Guests will get to choose from a range of healthy and very yummy salads, which will definitely keep them happy and full, with healthy eating too. Salad parlors are a must have at any wedding.

Never forget the kids: The most important guests are the kids and if they are not kept happy, the ambiance around can be very unruly. Kids love snacks, and hence kiddie foods to munch are must have and should be served to the esteemed little ones.

Mini versions: Miniature of your favorite meals is making a statement these days. A single meatball, spaghetti, a bite-sized pizza or a bite of fish dipped in chutney, are just some of the one-bite options that guests can be served. It is seen that Indian weddings now have one or two classy dishes that are served rather than 10 usual dishes that people expect.

Something different: Dim sum and sushi allow guests to taste different fillings without filling up your stomach. Carts of dumplings and sushi can be wheeled around and you can also ask the caterers to serve the dim sums with mini sake shots.

Serve rustic: The food served is usually family style, which depends on the region the couple belongs to. If the bride and the groom belong to different regions, the wedding is the perfect occasion to display their cuisines. Both the religions dishes get a classy make-over and the guests get the flavors of in Indian food.

Food trucks: Food trucks are really in trend these days serving ice cream, nariyal paani rolls and lot more. Food trucks are wheeling into weddings, especially in the Mehendi events. These are great because not only are they economical, they serve up some delicious food but can also create quite an innovative factor during the wedding.

Cupcakes: Cupcakes can bring a really great look at the wedding platter. Get frosted cupcakes with little jars of sprinkles, marshmallows and a lot more. Also, you can let your guest choose their own toppings. You can also use this concept to other sweet and treats.

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