10 Tricks That Will Make You PRODUCTIVE

Focus on being productive instead of busy 

Tim Ferriss.

The author of “4-Hour WorkWeek”  and No.1 in the New York Times Bestseller list.

In the digital age of today’s world, everyone wants to be productive. But excessive intake of caffeine or listing or cutting down work will not lead to a very productive one. Where half of the today’s population of our earth wants to be.

Productivity Tricks

But, can anybody explain in brief what  “PRODUCTIVE’’ actually means? And why people are mostly bother about being productive? The answer, for both the questions is “Productive” is certainly a word of few letters describing a whole being; a person ability to do any work or capable of doing a couple of work at a time. And people are obsessed about being productive because, in today’s scenario everyone is working hard to be perfect and trying to accomplish much more than their actual work and this is why everyone needs to work smartly to achieve dreams.

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Whereas, true productive people are not focussed only in doing multi works in a day, but they follow some general ways to achieve them, that is actually what everyone should do every day. If you want to be productive, then you have to sneak to fewer things that will lead to best out of it.

10 Tricks to be more productive:

  1. Get up early at least an hour before

Refresh your morning with a cold breeze, intake a good amount of water and exercise.

But early waking up is not easier, but that doesn’t mean to skip beauty sleep of 7 hours. Because that will not refresh your mind but rejuvenates your mind too i.e “Early to bed, early to rise’’.

  1. Try to do the most important things in the early morning

A good way to work-out your important to-do-works is in the morning. I know one of my senior used to do her important works at the very early morning, like sending important mails, writing any stuff or preparing any day schedule.

  1. Focussing only on progress rather outcomes.

A quote from our Gita “Karm karo, fal ke chinta mat karo”. Its a very known quotation everyone hear-off, but a typical trick towards a very productiveness.

  1. Stop complaining having lesser time.

People often complain having lesser time to complete his/her work, and often you hear that people say it is good, if we have 48 hours in a day. But, think once our eminent scientists like Albert Einstein, Newton, Marie Curie etc also have 24 hours in a day only.

  1. Take time to plan and prioritize

Best rule to deal with hundreds of work at a time is to prioritize your important work in first place and accordingly planning others. That will help to find out the importance of your each and every work you do.

  1. Focussing over minutes not hours

Think of doing and completing the work in the day or same. Keeping for tomorrow is the worst way of delaying your own work, because tomorrow never arrives.

  1. Avoid multitasking

Yes!!  You heard right. People often say be multitasking. But that doesn’t means over-burdening yourself. Or, doing thousands of work in a single minute. Because if you ever try to do, to manage works in a single time that will most probably half done or unsatisfactory. So better break-off that stuff and then manage to work.

  1. Set routines

Saves from getting stressed.  Getting messed up in thousands of work is better to set your own daily routines. That will also help your 3-pound brain (avg. weight of brain)   a relief from getting jottled between works.

  1. Kick-start by letting go of imperfections

Neither moon is totally white, so how can we!! It also have grey ridges and that’s the beauty of our nature. Similarly, in human beings without imperfections, no one can be perfect. Let have imperfections, and with those too one can have a successful life ahead and one can beautify herself/ himself.

  1. Leave free-time from your schedule.

Last but not least, an important trick is to have ‘free-time’’. It’s the best time, where one finds oneself. And, I significantly will recommend everyone to have freetime. Because that is the best time you enjoy with yourself. It is not like every time, you need someone to enjoy and can spend leisure time.

Productivity Focus

So, to be productive you don’t need to do any hard work, but need to follow some easier tricks and slight efforts. It is not so that in overnight you will be highly productive. But, yes!! I can guarantee following these simpler 10 tricks one can at least be somewhat productive than ever.

 Because  PRODUCTIVE leads to S.M.A.R.T work……!!

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