Its OK: Let It Come, Let Them Go

It’s ok.

It’s OK if after giving so many years, you are feeling like not to waste anymore.

Its ok if after making 100s of promises, you want to break the chain and live yourself.

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Its ok to forget someone, without whom even a single day was not possible.

Its ok if yesterday you felt like deep in love and today you are afraid to fall in love.

It’s ok. It’s completely ok. Why?

Because it’s not you who is doing miserable. It’s not completely your fault.

Its someone else’s incapability to not give you what you deserve.

It’s there fault that you have decided to not take it anymore.

It’s not your failure. why should you always pay for others mistakes?

Take a step. Let’s decide and do something for yourself, that make you feel happy and full of freedom.

So let it come. Let them go.Let It Come
Yell, shout,run… Live for youself.

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