5 Ways To Keep Employees Happy

Every company aims to be a customer-centric and employee-engaging company, because let’s face it, it is these type of companies that you actually want to join. Gone are the days when employees only looked forward to a means of earning and a decent job, In recent times, studies have proven that employees are more likely to exit a firm when they are associating the work culture with words like stressed, boring, painstaking, etc.

All employees want is to be a part of a work culture that is enthusiastic, engaging, and a happy place to work and thrive in. So why not have a mix of this? It would really be a dream come true, wouldn’t it! Employers adopting employee-engagement practices and employees getting to be a part of progressive and inclusive work culture, is a perfect picture.

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If this is what you dream of getting as an employee, or offering as an employer, then it all begins with asking oneself, how to keep employees happy! If the feeling of getting up in the morning and going to your workplace is making your employees miserable, then your work culture needs to become more inviting and exciting. Recruitment and hiring environments have become ultra-competitive and the need for offices to be described as a ‘great place to work’ is one of the crucial parameters that support the company’s need to hire. 

Ways To Keep Employees Happy
Ways To Keep Employees Happy

If you’re wondering why this whole charade is so important, then here’s what happy employees can help a company achieve:

  • They’re more productive: Employees can curtail their stress and get burned out less frequently in happier environments. It even helps curtail the absentee rate.
  • They’re more creative: When your office environment is breathable and relaxing, it brings out the creative side of your employees as well. It is amazing to see how wonderfully a mind can churn when there is not much to worry about. 
  • They’re better team players: Employees are more likely to help fellow employees with their issues and even coordinate well under less stressful environment.
  • They’re better leaders: Employees tend to become more resilient and less risk adverse when the work environment is favorable
  • They’re more engaging: When you offer an environment that employees want to be a part of, they tend to take more initiatives and get themselves involved out of sheer excitement.

Certain employers find it easier to offer a raise or a similar perk to their employees. A raise would definitely help them appreciate the day, or the next few days, but it would be quite difficult to keep up their satisfaction levels with just a short-term cash inflow. What employers really need to do is give their employees a reason to show up to work every day, other than the fact that they are obligated to. 

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Now, let’s come to the part where we discuss how employers and HR teams can make their employees happy and ignite the desire in them to stick to the firm.

Here are top 5 ways you can keep your employees happy and excited to be a part of your firm:

1. Work-Life balance

It is not enough to just be focusing on the productivity and output improvement of your employees. Getting a good work and life balance is equally important. As they say, all work and no play will make Jack a dull boy. Best workplaces always take conscious efforts to create an environment where the employees feel like they’re connected to the work, their company and that their presence makes a difference. The best way for employees to feel this is when companies care about their work-life balance, and engage them in a way where this is possible. 

2. Involve your employees

Everyone loves being a part of success story. When employees are putting in their time, effort and hard work in making something successfully in your business, it is only logical to keep them in the loop. It is a great feeling to be completely involved in the project that you’re a part of. Not only does the employee feel energized but they also see it as their own baby, and you know just how well would they take care of the project then! 

3. Plan experiences in office

HR teams are very helpful in this activity. You can always keep your employees engaged and entertained at the same time, with activities planned on a Friday or relatively free Saturday (if they’re working). This gives time for your employees to blow off some steam and even replenish themselves for the next entire week of hard work. 

4. Enhance knowledge

If employees can take certain courses to develop their skills and be more useful to your company, then it is in your interest as well as theirs! Why not fund such courses, seminars, and encourage your employees to enroll themselves. This will not only add on to your company’s productivity but also make your employees be grateful to the company, which is nurturing them and seeing their dreams through.

5. Feedback

Every successful business has feedback, suggestions and surveys stacked up right at the base of their success stories. You want to know what your employees are feeling, thinking, expecting and hoping for, from your organization. It is only when you know what is expected that you can actually make provision for it. This is one of those win-win situations that not only makes your employees happy but also gets your business to the heights you always dreamed of.

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Every company wants to be that workplace for their employees, which they are dying to get to in the morning. All in all, a relaxing and soothing environment can go a long way in making employees happy and satisfied, which in turn contributes to the success story of a firm. 

The success story of your business lies within the happiness and satisfaction of your employees, and all you have to do is find a way to give it to them! 

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