5 Website Design Tips To Improve Conversion Rates

The success rate of your business depends on its website design to a great extent. Website is an online marketing strategy to take a business at a high level of success. Proper webpage design must ensure that the elements of your website are easy to navigate through and understand. Website design services help to generate higher revenue for your business at a steady rate. Therefore, avail the best website design Dubai for your business website. In this article, we have discussed the ways to improve the conversion rate of your website.

Website Designing to increase ROI
Website Designing to increase ROI

Best 5 Webpage Design Tips to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Look at the various ways of optimizing the conversion rate for your website.

1) Opt for a Responsive Design

Studies have proved that approximately 31% of the traffic is generated through mobile devices. Thus, you shall develop such a website that is accessible on all types of devices. Moreover, a responsive website will fit any screen sizes on desktop, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Hence customers won’t have to change the settings to open a website on their devices. Website design services professional always trust upon how to make your website work on all devices.

2) Choose a Simple Design Over a Complex One

Even some years ago people liked to see animations on websites but the scenario has changed. Companies are bound to use simple and flat designs for their websites as per the new web design trends. Today’s customers appreciate nice and clean layouts over complicated features. Thus, try to impress the visitors with the contents and offerings of your website. Do not bombard them with unnecessary flash and animations.

Otherwise, these elements are going to slow down the loading time of your website. Even if you are using embedded videos, then ensure that you remove the related videos at the end. Otherwise, the visitors will be able to watch other companies videos through your website.

3) Avoid the Use of Stock Photos

Many businesses prefer to use high-quality stock images to describe your business through your website.  Customers do not rely on businesses that try to convey their expertise and professionalism by using stock photos. Customers prefer to read simple languages instead of tricky and technical words. So, emphasize the use of simple language that it easy for visitors to comprehend.

4) A Compact Layout

Customers will feel frustrated if it takes longer time to search for what they are looking for. Hence they would leave your website and shift to another one. So, keep the navigation menu as simple as possible so that visitors can read your contents without difficulties. Make the solution easily available to customers. If there are too many options on your site, then the visitors will be overwhelmed. Furthermore, have a clear path for the desired course of action you would want your visitors to take.

Break the contents into subheads so that customers feel interested to read the whole content. Apart from this, add a clear heading that states what the website is all about. At the end of the website add reviews of your existing customers. It is due to the reason that 90% of the customers make their decision based on reviews. If required, then add testimonial pages to your website as social proof for your brand.

5) Add Contact Links Properly and Remove Social Media Feeds

Provide contact information in such a way so that customers can connect with you easily. Try to make it as easy as possible for customers to contact you. Customers do not like to revisit the same and boring CTA. Thus, try to improvise and form an engaging CTA. Add appropriate buttons below the CTA and test them before exposing your website.

After the emergence of social media, businesses used to put their social feeds on their websites. But, now customers know how to connect with you on social media. Moreover, placing social feeds on your website draws the concentration of customers from the main content of your website. Thus, they move away from the conversion goals of your business. Therefore, instead of placing social media links along with the content, place them in the footer or sidebar of the web page. As a result, the customers would be able to read the whole content and make their required purchases. Also, they would follow the social media link they want to contact you.

Summing up About Website Designing

As you have realized the importance of website design services for your website, follow the tips discussed in this article. Do not forget to add a value proposition and mission statement of your business. Create your contents from the viewpoint of your potential customers. Let them understand why will they choose your brand and what are the extra benefits they will derive from you.

Website navigation is an important part of every website, It will not only increase the conversion rate but will improve the search engine ranking. And a higher ranking indirectly increases the chances of more leads for your business. Website design services professionals can provide you with proper guidance on how to improve your website’s conversion rates.

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