Examphobia Season

Kya kare ya na kare yeh kaisi muskil hoye…..koi toh bata de mere haal toh mere bhai……..

Starting of the new session in schools brings new courses and good old studies. And student heading towards board exams are the most  victimised of the times . And  this is when Doctors, engineers are the only two professions came into minds of the parents while thinking about child’s future. You might be thinking I am going to write “3 idiots” story in short, but eventually  it is not, it will straightaway only focus to basics and its roots.

Exam Phobia Season

No one can deny the importance of science. But how could we forget the necessity of commerce and aspect of arts. All the inventions of science are being used by millions of people across the world, but thanks for tackling them by commerce.  Like an engineer needs commerce one, for its money matters. Similarly industrialist needs a doctor too. But what about law making and all the administrative services we are provided  for that very thing we should be thankful to our arts fellows. This shows each and every stream is dependent to one another, then why we are dependent into only one single stream. This question receives an answer that it is a quite hard stream and it leads to plenty full of options in future. This by saying does not imply that people in commerce and arts do lesser hard work or having lesser opportunities.  But if you, ask a CA person how many assessments they have to give or ask an IAS and IPS one how many attempts and how many years one person have to dedicate for this renowned position to behold.

By the way, I would just add onto this problem can be solved only when the mindset of people change and when their preconceived notions and assumptions about education are proved wrong. A Student gets 98% need not necessity to take up science just because he/she is may be good in it. I know when such a student goes for commerce, then it always answerable to the teachers and peers. And the same case is with a student securing 65% and opting for science, people often question about the ones ability “Kya wo science ke layak h?” and same with commerce and arts. I know seniors, peers and teachers always think about the child future and its success but one should not neglect the ability of the child intelligence.

Strength quotes
Strength quotes

Might a child opting science is a good debater and best in illocution and definitely excel in law field but due to external pressure one is forced to study science and be an engineer  or doctor because one has PCM & B too ( that we used to call in short for Physics, Chemistry , Mathematics and Biology). But ultimately, it should be a decision of child himself/herself, and yeah!  if one is not able to decide can be guided by parents too, but not burdening their desires and expectations to the small ones. He or she should not undertake any task, doing which , his or her heart does not call it as passion or say

“aal izz well”………..!!

Last but not least quick-on tips to kickoff  stress-busters are –

  1.  During exams,Think less!  plan less!!  and work hard because,  the best view comes from the hardest climb.
  2. Stop analyzing what to do in next few hours or upcoming future, do only focus n Give it your all.
  3. Think every hurdle can be overcome, nothing is impossible as the word itself says i-m- possible.
  4. Keep all positive vibes intact, and keep trying  as if you believe then you are half way there.
  5. And lastly, have faith on your do,s  because believing in oneself is the first secret of success.

Last but not least, a heartfelt good luck to the upcoming future of our society, give your bestest shot once, and leave the rest………..

                       ……………Strive for progress not perfection…………..!!!!!

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