50 Funny Memes People Working In An Office Will Relate To


[Old video cassette recording comes to life, showing a modern office interior and smiling employees.] Ah, office life. It’s peaceful. It’s pure bliss. And it’s so amazing that — [laughs out loud] I’m sorry, I tried to get through this without laughing, but I just couldn’t! Office life is a hoot and so full of drama, gossip, and weirdness, you can’t turn a corner without bumping into this fearsome threesome while you’re on your way back home to rest up for tomorrow’s workday.

To show you just how hilarious (and soul-crushingly sad) things can get, the Bored Panda team (ironically, working from home because of the Pandemic Apocalypse raging outside) has collected some of the very best memes about office life. You’re bound to relate to them if you’ve ever spent any time working at an open-plan desk or in a cubicle or stood next to the watercooler, awkwardly sipping from one of those tiny styrofoam cups.

Be sure to upvote your fave office memes and drop us a comment or two about the hilarious, weird, and hilariously weird things that go on in your office, dear Pandas? And read on to learn about the more lighthearted, as well as the more serious issues of office life.


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