50 Times The Universe Said “No” To People


When all the tiny, invisible angels that are supposed to be sitting on your shoulder flee and karma is put on hold, and you roll the dice and get 0, and… Guys, we are all, at some point in our lives, one bunch of very unlucky people.

To find out what luck even means, we could look at the definition from Merriam-Webster dictionary, which reads “a force that brings good fortune or adversity; Luck was a big factor in the outcome.” Or we could better see the real-life examples where this magical force has somehow vanished, leaving no trace.

And thanks to the subreddit r/FacePalm, we now have an endless archive of unfortunate moments, sometimes embarrassing and sometimes plain pitiful.

You see, no one deserves getting zero beans and 100% sauce after opening a new can of beans. Call it exaggeration, but I assure you the pain is real.


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