Best Projectors Under 10000 Rs. in India 2020 [Updated]

Your quest to find the best project under 10000 ends at our website. We know how important it is to you to streamline those presentations in your company in the most advanced manner possible. Projectors have the competency and dynamics to add weightage to the explanations or flowchart/blueprint you have designed for your goals and visions to be shared with the staff. Best 4K projector under 10000 rupees do not break your bank or significantly hurt your budget and even help you to get your desired objective achieved.

So, without further ado, let’s look at best WIFI projector under 10,000 that you can order right-away from numerous online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart and eBay for technologically equipping your office.

List of Best Projector Under 10000 in India (March 2020):

EGATE i9 Miracast Led HD Projector

EGATE i9 LED HD Projector
EGATE i9 LED HD Projector


EGate has certainly blurred the lines between high quality projectors and very high price to be paid for the same. Well, such is not the case when you bring home the EGATE i9 LED HD projectors. The full HD specifications of the projector makes it well suited for use in a corporate setup. It has over 16000 color that works out or blends perfectly in the ratio of 1000:1 with more than 1500 Lumen. Lumen is that special feature in the projector that gives the bright dazzling outcome on the screen. When you need the best wifi projector under 10000, EGATE has always scored maximum brownie points in this category. A few key features that has kept it ahead of its peers;

  • Type: LED Projector
  • Lamp Life: 40000 Hours
  • Resolution: HD1920*1080
  • Advanced Features: Multiscreen and streaming functionality using the MiraCast, AIrplay and Dlna specifications
  • Warranty Tenure: 1 Year

Why EGATE i9 LED HD Projector is a Worthwhile Purchase Under 1000 for Projection?

Picture Quality

When you are buying best led projector under 10000, the first and foremost thing that you are concerned about is the quality of the projection. This projector comes with more than 1500 lumens, as a result, this special trait of the projector allows maximum brightness on the screen when the room is pitch dark. The user has the discretion to choose various modes that can further amplify or better the quality of the projection. There are Movie, Dynamic, Custom and Sports options available that will completely give you the ultra viewing pleasure.

Sound Quality

In most times, the projectors fail to produce the sound that you anticipate or expect out of it. Such times require a different approach and having specific options like a 3.5 mm audio jack and bluetooth enabled speakers to connect would give you the satisfactory feeling of expenditure worth taking on this. As a result, most folks prefer to stick around it.

Factors Influencing the Purchase of EGATE i9 LED HD Projector  Under 10000 for Projection

Heat, Dust and Fluctuation Proof Lack of Innovative Design 
Supports HDBlurry Display Often Experienced 

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EGATE i9 LED HD Android WIFI Projector

Egate EG I9 A Portable Projector
Egate EG I9 A Portable Projector

EGATE i9 LED HD Android Projector

EGATE i9 LED HD Android WIFI Projector has made owning portable projectors simplified at cost within 10000 rupees. It has been lauded as one of the best home theatre projectors under 10000 for a couple of reasons that simplifies connectivity via HDMI, VGA, USB, AV and SD card. The projection can easily happen using set-top box, DVD, BluRay and other pen drive specifications. As it is capable of providing a 1000:1 contrast, the pictures are much more vivid and lively for the viewers. The projector has balanced Lumen functions that allow better and optimized viewing on the screen even in the darkest or semi-darkest settings. While buying these portable Android projectors under 10000, a few key features that are discussed below should give you the monetary gratification you need for your investments;

  • Type: Android LED Projectors
  • Lamp Life: 40000 Hours
  • Resolution: HD 1920*1080
  • Advanced Features: Android 4.4, QuadCore, 1 GB, 8 GB ROM

Why EGATE i9 LED HD Android WIFI Projector is a Worthwhile Purchase Under 1000 for Projection?

High End Home Theater Experience

As it comes with the compatibility of supporting more than 16K colors at a contrast ratio of 1000:1, the users get to experience an unparalleled image viewing experience. There are multiple movie modes and picture specifications that you can pick for the ultimate viewing experience. The projector can be easily connected to a wide range of media outlets and you can be rest assured of a superior viewing or projection experience. These specifications make it the best projector to buy under 10000 on any online marketplace.

Heat, Dust & Fluctuation Proof

Projectors cannot sustain well in an environment covered with dust but EGATE i9 LED HD Android WIFI Projector has been designed and developed specifically to deal with that via the selective optical engine that prevent the accumulation of dust on the projector. The projector has been designed to withstand and even deliver high performance value even at a very high temperature ranging in between 40 degrees to 50 degrees centigrade.

Factors Influencing the Purchase of EGATE i9 LED HD Android WIFI Projector Under 1000 for Projection

Preinstalled movies
Wireless Facility 
Prevents heat fluctuations and dust

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Myra® TouYinGer X7 Led Projector

Myra® TouYinGer X7 Led Projector
Myra® TouYinGer X7 Led Projector

Myra® TouYinGer X7 Led Projector

Myra has delivered consistently to give that ultra edge viewing experiences to people via its projectors that come with an added advantage of more than 1800 Lumens that enhances the visibility even at semi darkness. The projector comes with easy to use control switches that are located on the top of the projector. You can easily hang the projector at the office by using specific hold material in the form of steel pipes or something that can easily hold it firm. It is one of the best projectors to bring home or office at below 10000 price range with very high end quality. But before you venture out to buy the projector, make sure that you have kept a good look at the features that it can bring for you like; 

  • Brightness: 1800 LUMENS
  • Screen Size: 37” to 130” inches based on the requirement 
  • Control Buttons on top of projector 
  • 800*600 DPi with high end support for 1080 HD Resolution 

Why Myra® TouYinGer X7 Led Projector is a Worthwhile Purchase Under 1000 for Projection?


The performance of the projector is simply unquestionable at something below 10,000. The ultra sharp projection on the surface allows vivid display.

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