Manifesto For Cluttering Mental Health

Have u heard about keeping mental health healthy…yes!! You heard right. Mental Health.

A common form of panic attacks commonly causing depression to people around the world. And an ailment which is taking number of lives in today’s date. In a month and less we come across many gigs killing themselves due to depression and mental state. People should buck up, need to understand depression is not a kind of thing, for which you need to give up your precious life. There are number of minimalistic ways to cope those situations time to time. Whenever feeling low, go through the common ideas to ease our situation, and I m sure u will be helped. Five Fingertips ways to cope up with mental health are enlisted below:

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Tips to cope up with mental health

1. Just Stroll Around

Stroll in nature’s lap, is a blessing in disguise. Souls always need a recharge and rejuvenation. Daily exercise tone up ur muscles and body and it is never a bad option. Elders say healthy mind lives in a healthy body. So keep sweating. Just half an hour can enlighten your mood while strolling in nature.

2. Meditate Every Day

Focus on breathe, and breathe in & out. Something that can be done in an effortless way i.e Meditation. And it is a most recreative way to silent the busy mind.

3. Act With Awareness

Know the reason of acting against each action. Think before you say and do.
sometimes we never think what we say, and the thinking of what we once said or done always remain in mind and that makes one quite sad. So if you once start thinking before we act, the unwanted sadness will easily vanish.

4. Set Priorities

Prepare goals according to short, intermediate and long term and achieve accordingly. Prioritize yourself in every place. One interest and satisfaction is always worthy.

5. Find the way

Find the way that sadden you, focus on the cause, and act against it, neither losing hopes and end your life miserable.

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Human being is one of their own biggest enemy. They themselves create the situation, indulge themselves in wrong thoughts, get depress and kill oneself. So being getting into the stress, life can be made beautiful by monitoring inner dialogue by keeping good thoughts and have faith in one’s abilities. Think good and will perform good as well.

Don’t Quit !!

Depression mental health

Steps to control mental Panic attacks are jotted down:

Step 1 – Know the why, I.e reason behind every single deed you do because nothing happens with no reason, every single happening has a reason to happen. So find the why. Perform a root cause analysis.

Step 2 – Learn your habits, I.e change your bad habits to add good ones instead.

Step 3 – control your outside forces, i.e getting distracted is easy but, one should control according to the mindful situations.

Step 4 – Embrace outcomes, always accept the reality. Win or lose that never matters. Matter is to understand the value of acceptance.

Therefore, all in all, things might go wrong but must quit neither life nor think of doing. Embrace the god gifted 60 years of life, don’t waste in using in the world’s underated thoughts, which only tricks you to sadness. Therefore push away worst thoughts and start over with new ideas and new beginnings.

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It is said that :-

“By thinking one positive thought every morning.
You can psychologically trick your brain into being a happier person”.

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