Birth Month Flowers and Their Meanings

People used various method to communicate and convey emotion via email, texting, instant messages or phone calls. Sending messages with flower to convey emotions, thoughts, or moods to your loved once are as meaningful today as ever. Long before in 18th and 19th century the language of flowers also known as floriography was popular among people. Each birth month flower has a unique meaning to make the recipient feel extra special.

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What Is Your Birth Flower of your Birthday Month?

Do you know your birth month flower or the flower of the friends or family birthday month? Check our complete list of monthly birth flowers and unique meanings! Convey emotion with special Birthday flowers bouquet to make the recipient feel extra special.

The Meaning of Birth Month Flowers

Now a days, Flowers bouquet are trending way to convey message with beauty and fragrance. Every birthday flower has a meaning, and can convey certain emotions, thoughts, or moods to the recipient. Browse the unique meaning of flowers for each birth month.

JanuaryCarnation and SnowdropRebirth, Admiration, Love and Hope
FebruaryViolet and PrimroseYoung love, Modesty and Faithfulness
MarchDaffodilNew beginnings and prosperity
AprilDaisy and Sweet peaPurity, innocence and Blissful pleasure
MayLily of the valley and HawthornHope, Sweetness, and motherhood
JuneRose and HoneysuckleRomance and Happiness
JulyLarkspur and Water lilyPurity, Positivity, and dignity
AugustGladiolus and PoppyImagination and Strength of character
SeptemberAster and Morning gloryLove, affection, Unrequited love, and mortality
OctoberMarigold and CosmosCreativity, passion, Peace, and tranquility
NovemberChrysanthemumLoyalty, and honesty
DecemberNarcissus and HollyHope, wealth, Protection, and defense

The Birth Month Flowers

January – Carnation & Snowdrop

January Birth Flower -Snowdrops and Carnation
Birth Flower for January Month -Snowdrops and Carnation

January birth flowers are the carnation and the snowdrop. The meaning of January birthday flower are Rebirth, Admiration, Love and Hope.

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February – Violet and Primrose

February birth flowers are the Violet and Primrose. The meaning of February birthday flower are Young love, Modesty and Faithfulness.

March – Daffodil

March birth flowers are Daffodil. The meaning of March birthday flower are New beginnings and prosperity.

April – Daisy and Sweet pea

April birth flowers are Daisy and Sweet pea. The meaning of April birthday flower are Purity, innocence and Blissful pleasure.

May – Lily of the valley and Hawthorn

May birth flowers are Lily of the valley and Hawthorn. The meaning of May birthday flower are Hope, Sweetness, and motherhood.

June – Rose and Honeysuckle

June birth flowers are Rose and Honeysuckle. The meaning of June birthday flower are Romance and Happiness.

July – Larkspur and Water lily

July birth flowers are Larkspur and Water lily. The meaning of July birthday flower are Purity, Positivity, and dignity.

August – Gladiolus and Poppy

August birth flowers are Gladiolus and Poppy. The meaning of August birthday flower are Imagination and Strength of character.

September – Aster and Morning glory

September birth flowers are Aster and Morning glory. The meaning of September birthday flower are Love, affection, Unrequited love, and mortality.

October – Marigold and Cosmos

October birth flowers are Marigold and Cosmos. The meaning of October birthday flower are Creativity, passion, Peace, and tranquility.

November – Chrysanthemum

November birth flowers are Chrysanthemum. The meaning of November birthday flower are Loyalty, and honesty.

December – Narcissus and Holly

December birth flowers are Narcissus and Holly. The meaning of December birthday flower are Hope, wealth, Protection, and defense.

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