What is the January Birth Flower?

The traditional January birth flowers are the carnation and the snowdrop

Every month has its own birth flower and has its own meaning to express thoughts and emotions. We can also say depending on the month in which you were born, you also have a birth flower. The perfect colorful birth flowers for the month of January are carnations and snowdrops. Learn more about the history, meaning, and symbolism of the two birth flowers associated with January to make the day more special to the receiver.

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The Carnation

Carnation - Month Flower of January
Carnation – Birth Month Flower of January

The charismatic carnation is the January birth flower. It is also known as clove pink and the binomial name is Dianthus caryophyllus.  In Greek, carnation is often referred to as “flower of the gods.” Carnations are probably native to the Mediterranean region. It is the most popular commercial cut flower available in more than 50 varieties.

Carnation Meanings and Symbolism

The carnation flowers come in many colours and have different meanings and Symbolism. In early times, carnations were mostly peach and pale pink, but over the years the carnation flowers are available in different  colors including red, orange, yellow,  purple, green, and white as well as bi-colors and frosted varieties.

Carnation Flower Color and Meanings

Carnations symbolize purity, rebirth, and gratitude. Take a look at different Carnations color flowers for a more explanation of the meaning of carnation. 

Carnation Flower ColorFlower Meaning
Dark Red CarnationDeep Love
Light Red CarnationAdmiration
Pink CarnationAffection, A Mother’s Love
Purple Lavender CarnationCapriciousness, Spontaneous
Striped (any color)Regret
White CarnationInnocence, Pure Love, Remembrance
Yellow CarnationDisappointment, Rejection

The Snowdrop

Snowdrops - January Flower of the Month
Snowdrops – January Flower of the birth Month

The delicate Snowdrops is the January birth flower. The Snowdrops is native to  the Middle East and Europe and was named Galanthus in 1753. It is the earliest garden flower to bloom in the early spring or late winter. 

Snowdrop Meanings and Symbolism

The snowdrops flowers have many meanings and Symbolism, such as purity, innocence, and sympathy. The scientific name of snowdrop is Galanthus which means “milk flower” in Greek. Snowdrops is one of the flower months of January while it is not as popular as Carnation flowers. Snowdrops are commonly found in graveyards thus are associated with death and funeral. It became the symbol of purity and rebirth. It has become a symbol of hope as it is the first flowers to bloom in the late winter or early spring. 

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