Boosting Immunity- Pro 11 Food Tips

We humans workday long but often at the end we compromise with the health. For thy reason, the food habits get changed every day due to unhealthy work life. But in today’s virus-prone months, our good food habits should be the prior importance. It is said that “Food is really and truly the best medicine”.

To boost immunity one should follow good food habits, therefore here we brings some good home accessible food tips that can make your immune stronger and strengther.

  1. Stop eating carbohydrates and fat-related foods and increase protein diet i.e milk diary products, paneer, yogurt, egg boiled or omlette should be taken and cut out oil and fried food from the same.
  2. Vitamins, Minerals and antioxidant content food diet should be taken. Green vegitables and fruits should always be added to the food chart. Fruits containing citrus food should be eaten daily along with some dry fruits.
  3. Excess salt and sugar should be avoided. Processed food, junk food and fried food should be eaten much lesser.
  4. Vitamin and Calcium units should be kept in balance by keeping Vit A, D, B6, B12, C, potassium, iron, fibers in the diet chart. 
  5. Taking routine daily medicines should not be skipped and taken as usual without any gaps.
  6. With good food habits good mental health is also required, otherwise eating food has no means.
  7. Try to cut out soft drinks and other smoking habits from the diet chart to maintain good health.
  8. Drink plenty of water, approx 8-10 glasses or 3 litres a day. Try to drink mild hot water, to avoid any irritations in throat. 
  9. Try yoga and home workouts exercises every day and adding walking daily after dinner should be included in the daily routine, to avoid homesickness.
  10. Due to weather changes, cold cuff and mild fever are common, therefore home remedies like turmeric milk, honey, pepper, ginger water can be drinken. Sometimes steam, gargling with salt water is advisable. Eat garlic daily in lunch or dinner, as it has lots of good food facts.
  11. For adding antioxidants in the food items, drinking green tea once in a day is recommended.

Therefore, following the pro home food tips can help one boosting its immunity. And if, doctors prescribed some pros and cons that should also be followed accordingly. Try avoiding home medications and googling medicines as it is injurious and harmful. Nevertheless, people reading here requested each one of you please note the points and ask everyone to follow and also pass the above mentioned pro food tips for maintaining good healthy immune system.

Philosophers therefore say: “Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food”.

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