Top 10 German Medical Universities for Indian Students to Study MBBS at Low Cost

With the Indian economy growing at an unprecedented rate, more and more students seek higher education in foreign universities to reap the benefits of knowledge worldwide. However, many Indian students do not have access to funds for studying abroad; hence they must be creative enough to get their dream degree without having a hefty student loan debt. The following blog will help you find out which 10 Universities can offer low-cost education in Medicine Abroad where Indians can study with ease and comfort.” 

Why should I study medicine abroad?

1. Cost-effective:

Studying medicine is a costly affair. The tuition fees alone can set you back by some lakhs of rupees per year, without including living expenses and other costs. Ensure that cost should not be a significant factor while choosing the country for studying abroad. However, it will only be fair if one considers the tuition fees, quality of education, living expenses, and the opportunity cost associated with spending few more years in finishing your degree. It is advised to go to an affordable destination to get a good student life experience and good medical training at a low cost.

2. Promising future:

Medical tourism is still booming across the world as the opportunities in foreign countries are unlimited. The medical colleges outside India get funding from various sources, such as international students, which help them provide better infrastructure and training facilities. Also, you need not worry about getting a job after the completion of your degree. The world is open for doctors with international degrees; hence qualified doctors are well respected and paid. Thus, it can be said that international education will help you gain knowledge and help you grow as a person.

3. Training to face challenges:

As doctors are expected to save the life of people, they must get trained about various emergencies that can lead to death or disability if not treated on time. An international degree will ensure that you are exposed to many critical cases and help you learn the skills to face these challenges.

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4. Global exposure:

Doing a medical degree abroad will open up several opportunities for Indian doctors as they can work in any country across the world if they have an international degree. You can acquire various certifications such as GMC or LMCC, which will help you get a job in foreign countries.

5. World’s best medical colleges:

There is no shortage of world-class medical colleges offering medical courses with facilities at par with any top-notch university worldwide. You may choose a university in Germany, China, Russia, Ukraine, Eastern European countries, and some EU countries in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, etc.

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Benefits of studying medicine in Germany

Germany, the only country practically believes education is invaluable; hence a price cannot be pronounced. It is one of the countries that offer affordable education, as there are no tuition fees charged for the entire duration of the course in a public university. The German universities offering medical courses are among the top universities in Europe and the world. 

The following points will let you know why studying medicine in Germany makes sense:

1. Affordable Education Cost:

One need to think only about the cost of living while studying in a public university free. The cost of living is affordable for international students compared with other similar countries around the world.

2. Quality of Medical Education:

Indian and other international students who have graduated with a medical degree from German universities are doing well worldwide. The standard of teaching in Germany is high. Medical students learn from their real masters and attend clinical practice in Germany’s most modern medical facilities.

3. Internship opportunities:

After completing five years of their studies covering pre-clinical and clinical, medical graduates attend internships in German hospitals at least a year before applying for their license to practice medicine independently. 

A vital factor about an internship is that students can work in a natural work environment, observe, and learn from some of the best doctors in Germany.

4. Scholarships:

One can apply for a scholarship to cover the cost of accommodation associated with living and studying in Germany. Many scholarships are designed exclusively for students from India and African countries. By applying for these scholarships, Indian students can reduce the cost of studying in Germany by a huge margin.

5. Multiculturalism:

The most significant advantage of studying medicine in Germany is that you will live and work with people from different parts of the world, especially Africa and Asia. There are more than 500 medical universities in Germany.

6. Free education for children of Indian origin:

Children of Indian origin studying in German schools will get free education for up to 18 years under the pretext of minorities living abroad, which means that you don’t need to pay any tuition fees. All you need do is to get registered with a local school to be eligible for this scholarship.

7. Language:

German universities provide German language courses so that international students can understand the instructions easily and quickly, which will ultimately increase their chances of learning new things better. This will also help them improve their social skills while being at the university.

8. Licenses:

Students will get their medical degrees from German universities, which helps them acquire a license for practising medicine in many countries across the world. This means that you can start working and earning money without any hassles even before graduating from university.

9. Good employment opportunity:

Many students find it challenging to find a good job after completing their MBBS degree as the competition is very high. After completing your studies in Germany, you can easily find a job with an international company or start your own business.

10. Career development opportunities:

As mentioned earlier, there are good career opportunities after graduation, even before looking for jobs. You can work part-time while studying medicine abroad, which will help you earn extra money and make the learning process much more manageable.

What are you waiting for? Start packing your bags to get admitted to one of the top medical universities in Germany dreamt by every Indian student who aspires to become a competent doctor in the future.

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Top 10 German Universities for Indian Student to Study MBBS Abroad at Low cost :-

  1. Charite University, Germany
  2. University of Heidelberg, Germany
  3. Eberhard Karls University Tübingin, Germany
  4. Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  5. RWTH Aachen University, Germany
  6. FreeUniversity of Berlin, Germany
  7. Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany
  8. Ludwig-Maximillian University Munich, Germany
  9. Christian Albrechts Universität zu Kiel, Germany
  10. Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany


Studying medicine in Germany is an excellent option for Indian students who are looking to study abroad. The tuition fees are affordable, the quality of medical education you can receive here is top-notch. It offers excellent opportunities for internships that will help you gain experience in your field early on. This country also boasts a multicultural environment that promotes universal respect and tolerance and provides exposure to different cultures from around the world – all while maintaining strong ties with India through scholarships explicitly offered for Indian nationals or children of Indian origin. A free education system available only to children of Indians living outside their home country makes this an even more attractive choice if you’re interested in studying medicine overseas. If any of these reasons have gotten you thinking about pursuing a degree in Germany, you’re in luck as many medical universities offer degree courses here.

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