Easy Accessible Tips to Combat the COVID Virus

When surge of virus at its peak, life is on threat, when getting a suffice oxygen is a question. Stable mind and quick action for dealing the sudden issue is important. Here we bring handful of daily habits to beat the heat of diseases spread all over us. Quick accessed tips for the people around us.

When to call the medic or consult a Doctor?

  1. Difficulty in breathing
  2. When oxygen saturation is SpO2<95%
  3. Seizures
  4. Numbness/weakness in limbs
  5. Blush discoloration in lips and faces
  6. Inability to arouse mental confusion
  7. Viral common symptoms

Care-givers Hygiene Tips

  1. Hand hygiene is a must, after touching any objects, preparing food before after.
  2. Use hand soaps and alcohol based soaps on and after
  3. If possible use paper disposal towels to avoid any reuse
  4. After removing gloves wash hands properly
  5. Avoid touch any stray items until it’s objectional.

Patients With Mild Symptoms Tips

  1. Wash hands as much as possible after touching any items.
  2. Don’t share used items, make different utensils for the one
  3. Clean the surfaces with disinfectant to avoid any contaminants
  4. Wear mask inside the home to avoid the effected air
  5. Follows medic instructions and take medicines accordingly
  6. Self monitor the conditions time to time to avoid any serious issue, as seems seriousness or unhealthiness occurs in body, onspot ask for help without reaching the excessive condition.
  7. Having mild breathing issues, government approved self care proning position helps to lift up the level while having oxygen imbalance.

Tips to Avoid COVID Virus Transmission

Nowadays new normal important etiquettes to tackle the deadly virus are enlisted below for quick access.


  1. Social distancing while talking to people ( 2 Gaaj ki Duri)
  2. Wear facemask reusable/double mask, if cloth mask used try to wear double mast to avoid penetration through air
  3. Maintain respiratory hygiene
  4. Wash hands thoroughly and Disinfecting the touched objects


  1. Avoid unnecessary moving in and out or any travel
  2. Avoid coughing sneezing or spitting with open mouth in public places
  3. Try not touch your body parts
  4. Avoid breaking rules of Covid guidelines
  5. Avoid social gatherings and mass people crowding

The most important tip to keep in mind while living in a society is to avoid social stigma, rather than insignificant inhuman practices one should encourage, love and help the recovered patients, frontline workers and spreads message of good vibes.

Request all to stay calm and belief, we shall all pass the bad times. And ask everybody to believe the omnipresent – God. That one day the sun will shine bright and we will breathe happily. Pray until the situation changes and miracles happen. Let s follow the new normal etiquette and fight back the deadly virus.
Affirmation!! Belief!! Faith!! Hope…..!!

“Today we shall pray to HIM, to for finding happiness, purpose, fulfillment, acceptance, confidence, patience, peace and strength prevails to each one of us” AMEN…!!

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