Halloween Flowers Arrangement Decorating Ideas [DIY]

Need fresh flowers arrangements decorating ideas for this Halloween festival? Fresh Halloween flower arrangements are wonderful accents to holiday parties, to give as gifts, or to decorate the work space or house. Many varieties of flowers are available in typical orange and black Halloween colors. Placed within holiday vases or next to pumpkins and candles, fresh flowers arrangements make spook-tacular bouquet!

Halloween Flowers colors ideas for floral bouquet

Orange Flowers

To create the perfect Halloween arrangement, orange flowers are a must. As the primary focal points, these flowers must be large and eye-catching. The most popular are the orange Gerbera Daisies with a large rounded head. For a more elegant touch, Mini Calla Lilies and Roses come in a variety of oranges. The bicolor Roses add a touch of fun to bouquets, as their orange and yellow petals resemble candy corn! If you want to create an asymmetrical look, incorporate large orange Lilies into the arrangement. Orchids are another fun choice for Halloween decorations, as they are often speckled with several tones of orange, bronze and copper.

Black & Dark Purple Flowers

No Halloween arrangement would look complete without spooky black flowers. Since black is not a common color that Mother Nature has chosen for flowers, dark purples and burgundies make enchanting additions to Halloween bouquets. Black can be placed along side of orange flowers as a primary color, or serve as a secondary or accent color. Larger flowers such as the Schwartz Calla Lily and Black Bacarra Roses would add alluring dark tones to an arrangement. For a more autumn look, try deep purple Carnations. Deep burgundy Novelty Daisies and Dendrobium Orchids add slightly smaller, yet equally alluring splashes of darkness. To accent orange with a touch of black, several flowers can be chosen as fillers, including the purple TrachelliumLarkspurCampanula and Hyacinth.

Green, Yellow & Bronze Accent Flowers

Other accent colors often bring out the orange and black within an arrangement. For Halloween decorations, autumn colors are a perfect choice. Yellow and bronze Daisies and Sunflowers are a common addition since they are natural autumn flowers. Daisies and Chrysanthemums are available in a wide range of colors, including green. Green may be just the perfect addition to create a Franken-stunning arrangement. Another appealing flower is the yellow Amazone Peruvian Lily, whose speckled petals add a splash of yellow and brown. Golden yellows and bronze are a striking background on which to place larger, brighter flowers. Yellow or red tinted Asters or Limonium are ideal flowers for Halloween arrangements. Greenery can also break up the repetitiveness of orange and black.  Fun greens include the Green Goddess Calla LilyBupleurum and Bells of Ireland.

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